Vizcaya Museum and Gardens' Centennial

Vizcaya's founder, James Deering, was Vice President of the farm equipment manufacturer International Harvester. Deering first occupied Vizcaya as his winter home on Christmas Day, 1916, and he enjoyed the property until his death in 1925. More than twenty-five years later, Vizcaya became a public museum due to the efforts of his nieces, Barbara Deering Danielson and Marion Deering McCormick. Today, one hundred years after Deering took residence, Vizcaya still stands strong, thanks to the support of a dedicated and generous community of individuals and organizations. In late 2016, we began a festive and active year of celebrating Vizcaya's centennial while also preparing for the future of this Miami landmark and gathering place. We paid tribute to the creative, passionate and resilient men and women who built, preserved and activated Vizcaya, and we launched important programmatic and governance initiatives to better serve our visitors and our community in the years ahead. Through the centennial and beyond, we are focusing on Vizcaya's enduring value as a place that bridges past, present and future and contributes to the vitality and sustainability of our region.

TABLE OF CONTENTS A Century of Culture Sharing History and Creating Memories Joining Forces to Overcome Adversity

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A Year of Recognition and Support New Governance for Ongoing Success Thank You to Vizcaya's Supporters

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Revitalizing the Vizcaya Village

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