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It’s Madness! Sharing My Love of College Hoops With My Family

I t’s the most wonderful time of the year because, in my opinion, March Madness is the best sporting event of all! Unlike other sporting events, anyone can break through and make a name for themselves in the tournament. I can’t wait to see who will reign as the champion, what shots or games will go down in history, and who will steal hearts as a Cinderella story. So many

However, no one was prepared for last year’s winner. My wife kicked our butts! As someone who doesn’t care about sports at all, she has no problem rubbing her victory in all our faces. She’s proven to be stiff competition each year, and I, along with the boys who have yet to win, hope this year is our chance to redeem ourselves!

moments from March Madness make up great sports stories. (Who can forget Michael Jordan’s buzzer-beater score for North Carolina?) Of course, as a big BYU fan, my stake in the tournament is often disappointing. A few years ago, we made it all the way to the Sweet 16 on the back of Jimmer Fredette — he’s currently working his way through the European leagues — but there’s been little jump since then. Regardless of how the Cougs end up, I’ll always cheer them on. Every BYU fan knows about or can remember where they were when Danny Ainge hit the

It’s been fun to see how our bracket tournament has become ingrained in our family traditions. While he was away on his mission, I figured my eldest son wouldn’t have an opportunity to do a bracket. He was busy in Ecuador, after all. But one day, I had a message from him asking me to send him a bracket. Surprised, I scanned a bracket into an email and sent it off. I soon received a reply from him, accusing me of trying to rig the system by sending him a 2-year-old bracket! I swear it was a mistake, but maybe I was subconsciously tired of losing!

Regardless of who wins the bracket, there’s no denying March Madness is my favorite time of the year. As the tournament begins, I’m more than happy to give my boys the day off from school, head to Buffalo Wild Wings, and spend the afternoon watching hoops and eating wings. It’s difficult to keep track of so many games, but it’s a little slice of heaven here on earth for me.

game-winning shot to give the Cougars a one-point win over Notre Dame in the 1981 March Madness tournament. We hold onto those moments, and diehard fans like me just enjoy any chance to watch our team take the court in March Madness. I’ve been filling out March Madness brackets for years, and five years ago, I got my family involved in the tradition too. There isn’t much at stake beyond bragging rights for the next year, but everyone seems to have fun filling out the bracket and seeing how far their teams can go. For the first three years, my eldest son blew us all out of the water. My other boys were so mad watching their older brother’s bracket stay relatively intact while their guesses were blown away.

What more could a college basketball-loving dad ask for? (Well, besides a win in our bracket tournament.)

-Kevin Jensen



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