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It’s Madness! Sharing My Love of College Hoops With My Family

I t’s the most wonderful time of the year because, in my opinion, March Madness is the best sporting event of all! Unlike other sporting events, anyone can break through and make a name for themselves in the tournament. I can’t wait to see who will reign as the champion, what shots or games will go down in history, and who will steal hearts as a Cinderella story. So many

However, no one was prepared for last year’s winner. My wife kicked our butts! As someone who doesn’t care about sports at all, she has no problem rubbing her victory in all our faces. She’s proven to be stiff competition each year, and I, along with the boys who have yet to win, hope this year is our chance to redeem ourselves!

moments from March Madness make up great sports stories. (Who can forget Michael Jordan’s buzzer-beater score for North Carolina?) Of course, as a big BYU fan, my stake in the tournament is often disappointing. A few years ago, we made it all the way to the Sweet 16 on the back of Jimmer Fredette — he’s currently working his way through the European leagues — but there’s been little jump since then. Regardless of how the Cougs end up, I’ll always cheer them on. Every BYU fan knows about or can remember where they were when Danny Ainge hit the

It’s been fun to see how our bracket tournament has become ingrained in our family traditions. While he was away on his mission, I figured my eldest son wouldn’t have an opportunity to do a bracket. He was busy in Ecuador, after all. But one day, I had a message from him asking me to send him a bracket. Surprised, I scanned a bracket into an email and sent it off. I soon received a reply from him, accusing me of trying to rig the system by sending him a 2-year-old bracket! I swear it was a mistake, but maybe I was subconsciously tired of losing!

Regardless of who wins the bracket, there’s no denying March Madness is my favorite time of the year. As the tournament begins, I’m more than happy to give my boys the day off from school, head to Buffalo Wild Wings, and spend the afternoon watching hoops and eating wings. It’s difficult to keep track of so many games, but it’s a little slice of heaven here on earth for me.

game-winning shot to give the Cougars a one-point win over Notre Dame in the 1981 March Madness tournament. We hold onto those moments, and diehard fans like me just enjoy any chance to watch our team take the court in March Madness. I’ve been filling out March Madness brackets for years, and five years ago, I got my family involved in the tradition too. There isn’t much at stake beyond bragging rights for the next year, but everyone seems to have fun filling out the bracket and seeing how far their teams can go. For the first three years, my eldest son blew us all out of the water. My other boys were so mad watching their older brother’s bracket stay relatively intact while their guesses were blown away.

What more could a college basketball-loving dad ask for? (Well, besides a win in our bracket tournament.)

-Kevin Jensen



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Artful Parenting

When a teenager is involved in sports, it’s easy to show support for their passion. You take them to practice, go to their games, celebrate their victories, and help them learn from their losses. But what if your teen is more into arts than athletics? Without a literal sideline to cheer from, helping your child grow and develop in fields like writing, painting, and photography can feel — well, abstract. But make no mistake, parents can show concrete support in a few ways to help their budding artist grow and excel in the arts. STARS TO STRIVE FOR Just as many young athletes have star players they look up to and try to emulate on the field, aspiring artists can look to those making waves in their artistic fields today. Often, school courses focus on “the classics,” which can just feel like homework to an aspiring artist. This is where you can help. Introduce the work of contemporary artists to your teen, or better yet, give your teen opportunities to discover them on their own. Trips to museums and libraries can be just as impactful on growing artists as going to a ball game. How to Support Your Teen’s Artistic Passions

to hone their passion. The most obvious way is by asking to see their writing or art, but keep in mind many teens may not be willing to share something that personal. Still, reminding them you’re genuinely interested in their work can help them stick with their passion. Indirect gestures like buying them quality art supplies can also show them you value their craft. THE BIG LEAGUES Sure, there’s no varsity watercolor portrait team, but student artists can strive for important milestones. School clubs like student newspapers can provide a semiprofessional outlet for young artists, and there are myriad creative outlets outside the classroom as well. Community galleries, youth anthologies, coffee shop open mics — these are all amazing opportunities for your teen to take their work to the next level. Just as most teen athletes won’t be professional players, you don’t have to expect your artist to be the next Ursula K. Le Guin or Banksy. Whatever their interests are, helping your child explore their passions and enjoy a discipline will leave them with skills and memories they’ll draw upon the rest of their life. Since then, Emily and Kevin have been working in tandem, often referring clients to one another. For her part, Emily will often tell clients who are considering divorce to seek legal guidance from Kevin and his team. By connecting others to Kevin’s legal guidance, she offers a valuable resource in addition to her emotional expertise for those considering or going through a divorce. Emily and Kevin also share another similar trait: their faith. Emily’s specialization in divorce life coaching often includes helping those who feel like they are betraying their faith or their families by opting for divorce. She often encourages her clients to first focus on healing after divorce before they can truly begin moving forward. Then, she works with clients to find support and meaning to define their life. Today, Emily is a mom of five kids. She and her husband enjoy a good relationship with her former husband and his spouse, and she is hopeful that her experiences and knowledge will help her children continue to grow. Our team is proud to partner with Emily to offer our clients a holistic approach to healing. To learn more about Emily and her divorce coaching, email her at or visit her Facebook page at

NO. 1 FAN You may not have to drive your high schooler to writing practice, but you can still give them the tools and support they need

Emily Sanchez and Kevin Jensen Connect Over Helping People Through Divorce A Partnership Created by Fate

Emily Sanchez and Kevin Jensen first became acquainted through Emily’s brother. Kevin’s family became close friends with Emily’s family through her brother, and soon, Emily noticed their kids were involved in similar activities. Eerily enough, their careers also mirrored one another.

Emily went through a divorce as a young mother, and while she worked through her new reality, she found very few resources designed to help people thrive in their new life after divorce. For guidance, Emily enrolled in the Robbins-Madanes Training school and soon became a board-certified life coach. Specializing in divorce, Emily now offers her coaching expertise and life experience to guide clients to healing through consulting services and her podcast.

Because of her work in the divorce field, Emily decided she had to reach out to Kevin — but he jumped first!

“He reached out and said, ‘What are you doing? This sounds awesome. I want to be a part of it,’” Emily recalls. “I said, ‘It’s so interesting, Kevin. I was going to come to you first!’”


Books to Guide Your Co-Parenting Journey ensen’s Bookshelf J

‘When Parents Part’ by Penelope Leach

In honor of the numerous literacy holidays in March, we wanted to share a few of our favorite co- parenting books for couples who are in the stages of divorce and separation. All these books can be found on, and additional reviews can be found on

Sometimes you just need a reassuring voice. Penelope Leach helps parents navigate the troubled waters of divorced relationships, reminding them that they do not have to be married to be good parents. It can be difficult to

ignore that parent guilt when you cannot be with your child every night, but by offering an introspective look at this unique parenting journey, Leach provides readers with an emotional support system.

‘Mom’s House, Dad’s House’ by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.

Isolina Ricci is one of the world’s leading experts on divorce and co-parenting. First released in 1997 and modernized for today, “Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes for Your Child” walks parents through healthy co-parenting, age- appropriate communication tips, a timeline for creating two happy homes, and managing your emotions while parenting together. Parents in complex situations will learn communication and parenting tips to help their children thrive. Ricci has even released a version of her book for kids, so your children can read along with you and your former spouse!

‘Joint Custody With a Jerk’ by Julie A. Ross and Judy Corcoran

Divorce is never easy, and when you throw children into the mix, it can become even more complex. This can bring out the worst in people; each parent may have different ideas of what’s best for the child or become blind with rage at their ex. Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran walk you through these tense early stages of co-parenting and provide real solutions for continued success. The duo doesn’t stray from tough issues of co-parenting, reaching into the nitty-gritty of your situation and encouraging healthy progress. Our goal at the Law Offices of Kevin Jensen is to help you prepare for this next chapter of your life. For additional resources, contact our office at 480.632.7373 or visit


Green Velvet Cheesecake Bars

This St. Paddy’s Day, try taking a festive spin on a classic staple. If you have red velvet lovers in your family, they’re sure to love this equally decadent treat.


• 1 cup graham cracker crumbs • 1 cup chocolate graham cracker crumbs • 1 stick butter, melted • 1 oz green food coloring (gel works best)

• 3 8-oz packages cream cheese, softened • 2/3 cup sugar • 3 eggs • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract • Green sprinkles, optional

directions 1. Heat oven to 350 F, and line a 9x9-inch baking pan with parchment paper. 2. In a large bowl, combine crumbs, butter, and food coloring. Press into the baking pan. 3. In a separate bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar together.

4. Add eggs one at a time and stir in vanilla. 5. Pour mixture over the packed crumbs. 6. Bake for 40 minutes or until the center is set. 7. Let cool completely before adding sprinkles and slicing.

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The Jensen Family Gets Serious About March Madness

Supporting Your Teen’s Art

Find Healing With Our Favorite Divorce Coach

Curl Up With These Helpful Books This March

Celebrate With These Little-Known Festivities Staying Stateside for St. Paddy’s? There’s no place quite like Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. What was once a purely religious holiday to honor the legend of St. Patrick chasing all the snakes out of the country has turned into a global celebration. But if a trip to Ireland isn’t in the budget, check out these three little- known stateside destinations that are just as festive. Short and Sweet in Arkansas on its heritage every March with a traditional parade, music, and Irish dancing. But the town

also hosts a popular dodgeball tournament and donkey basketball. What could be better than pummeling your

Thanks to the clever thinking of some Irish friends meeting for a pint at a bar on one of the shortest streets in the world, Bridge Street in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the First Ever 17th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade will travel 98 feet once again this year. Don’t assume the turnout isn’t robust just because the distance is staggeringly low. The parade lasts for hours, drawing thousands of people to watch celebrities, musicians, bands, floats, and Miss Arkansas glide by. The event also features a Blarney stone kissing contest and a parade king and queen. A Little Luck in America’s Heartland O’Neill, Nebraska, is home to the world’s largest shamrock and more unique St. Patrick’s Day traditions. This Irish community doubles down

opponents in dodgeball and outpacing the competition while riding a donkey in the school gymnasium? Perhaps enjoying a pint or two with your teammates afterward. And O’Neill is just the spot to do it. Ohio’s Little Piece of Ireland You may not be able to fly to Ireland, but you can visit a little piece of it right in the U.S. Head to Dublin, Ohio, this St. Patrick’s Day for a traditional celebration sure to put a wee bit o’ pep in your step. Partake in a traditional Irish breakfast or enjoy a parade complete with bagpipers and Irish dancers. Boasting one of the largest celebrations in the U.S., Dublin is an affordable alternative for those looking to celebrate the Irish way.


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