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66 NewHorizonsby RichardRowan

52 LostAlice is thenewcollection fromPeterSmith

welcome One of the great pleasures of bringing beautiful art into people’s lives is the feedback we receive from collectors across the world. It is always heartening to hear personal stories of the emotional connection a new painting or sculpture can evoke and we are delighted to share just a small selection in this issue (page 12). If the stories inspire, you are sure to find a piece that engages you amongst the brand new art unveiled across these pages. We consider this to be a particularly heart-warming collection - prepare to feel your spirits soar!

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AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 3

Romero Britto

� LoveMeTender Boxedcanvas Editionof95

� Squeaki

Enamel& ironsculpture Editionof1000 Size8¾”x6¾”x4¼" £595

ImageSize28”x36” FramedSize32”x40” Framed£995

With his signature ‘Pop Art’ style, Brazilian artist Romero Britto brings a blast of bright colour and Latin energy to these shores this autumn. Britto's limited edition collection of prints and sculptures display an explosion of vibrant primary colours, and an optimistic outlook on life that is guaranteed to make you smile

4 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 5 Artwork © Britto Central, Inc.

rt canmake you look at something in an exciting and totally different way. It can give you the power to ‘fly,’” says the charismatic Romero Britto. “My art is about love, celebration, joy, happiness and creating a beautiful energy” he exclaims. A firm

influenced by other artists, fromDa Vinci to Dali, hemoved toMiami where Pop Art was flourishing at the time, and set up a studio open to the public, spending the next few years exhibiting and attracting art lovers’ attention, drawing comparisons with iconic Pop Art luminaries such as AndyWarhol, KeithHaring and Roy Lichtenstein. He also achieved recognition through commercially astute projects, working with Coca Cola, Audi, Bentley and Disney to name but a few. And earlier this year he was named Olympic Ambassador for the 2016 Rio Olympics, where hewill be bringing his art to the biggest global audience of all, having undertaken similar work for the 2014 World Cup in his native Brazil. The trademark crayon-like colours and his fusion of Cubist and Pop Art influences havewon himglobal plaudits, and The New York Times recently concluded that his dynamic work exuded

believer in the role of an artist as an agent for positive change, Britto’s work evokes happiness and hope using a visual language that is universal. A passionate believer that art should be available to all, the enthusiasm for his craft is infectious. “I get my inspiration fromsimple things in life – frombeautiful things that happen in life, that makeme happy and leaveme inspired” he adds. Self-taught froman early age, andwith a vivid imagination and creative spirit, he painted on newspaper, cardboard or any scraps that he could find during what he calls a ‘modest’ childhood in Brazil, as one of eight siblings. "My

something the world is short on - “warmth, optimismand love.”

humble beginnings serve as true inspiration for me. I knowhow it feels to not have anything” says Britto, whose artistic imagination was ignited by visiting Paris in the early 1980’s and seeing

That upbeat message has won himan international audience of modern art collectors, including celebrities such as singer Gloria Estefan who says she loves his art because it is “colourful,

thework of Matisse and Picasso for the first time. Heavily

6 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

Romero Britto

innovative and distinctive,’ while chef Michel Roux admiringly suggests “Romero’s studio is like a kitchen and Romero is the grand chef!” Given such accolades, Castle Galleries is delighted to offer a new collection fromBritto, never before seen in the UK, comprising a series of hand-signed limited edition canvas prints and sculptures, which are a shot of pure aesthetic pleasure. Seemingly simple detail is combinedwith riotous colour combinations and bold lines, which are designed to delight. “Tome, bright colours evoke feelings of happiness, optimismand positive energy” says Britto. “My favourite colour is yellow, the colour of the sun and life” he explains, and as a passionate believer that bright colours can not only improvemood, memory, confidence, but alsomental and physical agility, he believes his craft offers a positive effect. “It’s great to believe that myworks can have such a grand effect!” he laughs. In the limited edition prints he uses silkscreen and digital printing techniques capturing the same colourful vibrancy as an original. The collection is ostensibly about love – between both children and parents, and couples. In themulti coloured BigHug he is inspired by “the unique and pure love that children have for their parents and theworld – the open arms being themost beautiful gesture of love and friendship" and in SoHappy in Love it is the affirmation of what he says is "doing the right thing, thinking the right thing, saying the right

� BigHug

Boxedcanvas Editionof95

“My art is about love, celebration, joy, happiness and creating a beautiful energy”

ImageSize16"x68" FramedSize20”x72” Framed£1,295

� JustForYou Enamel& iron sculpture Editionof1000

Size7⁴⁄₅ ”x8”x4¾" £595

� BigHug

Enamel& iron sculpture Editionof1000 Size11”x12⅞”x4¾" £750

� GardenButterfly Enamel& iron sculpture Editionof1000

Size9½”x12⅞”x4¾" £750

� SoHappyInLove Boxedcanvas Editionof95

ImageSize28”x36” FramedSize32”x40” Framed£995


AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 7

Romero Britto

thing towhowe love, and feeling loved in return.” The sculpture collectionwhichwas for hima natural progression from canvas is equally emotionally seductive. Primarily constructed in enamel and iron, similar themes to the print collection are explored. In BigHug the sculpture is a fun and light-hearted figure that offers a joyful embrace, while the visually stunning GardenButterfly has a childlike quality, beautifully executed in a rainbowof colourways. BlueDog and Squeaki are lovable cartoon-like characters, while Just for You conveys the emotion of true lovewith an orange and pink love heart turned on its side. Employing awide palette of bright and bold colours, these sculptures are stunning examples of the very best of Britto’s technique and style. Creative expression and thewealth of positive feelings it offers, is something very close to his heart and he is well

� BigHeart

Boxedcanvas Editionof95

ImageSize28”x36” FramedSize32”x40” Framed£995

� BlueDog

Enamel& ironsculpture Editionof1000 Size9”x8½”x4¾" Framed£595

�� SweetHug

Boxedcanvas Editionof95

ImageSize16”x68” FramedSize20”x72” Framed£1,295

known for his philanthropic efforts as an activist engaging children in arts and literacy education. He currently serves as a benefactor, donating time, art and resources to over 250 charitable organisations. “With knowledge and education you can understand the world.” he says. “I don’t paint for my ‘village’, I paint for theworld.” Committed to developing and supporting the powerful role art plays inworld issues, he sums up his philosophy “Art is too important not to share," and it is that democratic and generous spirit that hasmade him the hugely popular and influential artist he is today.

GALLERY The new collection fromRomero Britto is available now. Viewonline at

“My favourite colour is yellow, the colour of the sun and life”


8 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015


� LowTideAtPourville (InTheStyleOf ClaudeMonet) StretchedCanvas Editionof50 ImageSize31”x32” FramedSize40”x41” Framed£1,950

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 9


10 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

� TheRushHour Canvaseditionof95 ImageSize22”x30” FramedSize28”x36” Framed£595 � PoohSticks Canvaseditionof95 ImageSize22”x30” FramedSize28”x36” Framed£595 � MidSummerWalks Canvaseditionof95 ImageSize14”x14” FramedSize20”x20” Framed£295

� Sisters

Canvaseditionof95 ImageSize14”x14” FramedSize20”x20” Framed£295

Emotional, nostalgic, and with depth, meaning the paintings aren’t always what they seem.

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 11

“This wonderful piece of art adds that 'wow' factor as visitors enter the dining room.” - Julie Ward

Selecting art for your home can be an exciting adventure and a source of enjoyment for many years. We asked our collectors to throw open their doors and share images of their favourite pieces on our social media pages. We hope they inspire you for your next visit to the gallery.

“I love Alex Ross' comic artwork, his work is so detailed and impactful. Some of the most iconic versions of superheroes. The Batman and Superman canvases are excellent centre pieces for my geek room. My wife was right, the boxed canvases do look best framed. The team in Norwich are lovely and helpful. I'm looking forward to hearing from them when a collection of villains comes out... although I'll need to find more wall space!" – Matt Taylor

12 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

Artful home

"Art means a great deal to our household – our lounge and kitchen are full of art from Castle Galleries. I love the place and the people.” — Paul Reeve

My Simon Claridge pieces mean the world to me! I first saw Twiggy on display in the South Molton Street Gallery and fell in love, it was an impromptu purchase. I knew that I simply had to have Bridget Bardot too. I think they look nothing short of stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE!” – Dawn Sandovi

“Just love the way in which Nic Joly's "Never Forgotten" piece (same birthdate as me!) sits perfectly with one of Paul Cummins ceramic poppies.“ - Ian Brister

“We bought this Hamish Blakely and a Bob Barker piece at the Stratford Upon Avon gallery – I love them!” – Danielle and Tom

“This piece by Emma Grzonkowski is so special to both myself and my daughter. She spent a very long time in hospital this year and I bought this - her favourite by Emma as her 14th birthday present. I completely transformed her room in secret for her for when she was finally allowed home, and this piece finished it off perfectly.” – Joanne Jenkins

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 13

IN THE GALLERY Emma Grzonkowski

� EnchantedUnique2 Boxed canvas

FramedSize36¼"x36¼" Framed£1,650

� ToBeTornUnique4 Boxed canvas FramedSize32¼"x40" Framed£1,650

� AssoiffeeD'Amour Unique4 Boxed canvas

FramedSize24¾"x55½" Framed£1,650

14 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

Speaking to the soul, Emma's new collection evokes passion and deep emotion in the viewer. Each piece is diverse, with the choice of colour and freedom of brush strokes. Adding depth and texture, the unique hand embellishment by the artist in the studio reveals a broad and confident approach

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 15

� StillThames Boxedcanvas Editionof150

ImageSize28”x48” £695


� London'sLastLight Boxedcanvas Editionof150 ImageSize38”x38” £750 � ToweringShard Boxedcanvas Editionof150 ImageSize24”x60” £750 � ThamesPath Boxedcanvas Editionof150 ImageSize32”x54” £950

16 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

Elements of spontaneity help bring each scene to life and open up new ideas and thoughts for future pieces.

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 17


� Temper'sCover

VersionsGraffitiGang Stretchedcanvas Editionof33 ImageSize33”x33” FramedSize47½”x47½” Framed£3,950 Gicléeeditionof195 ImageSize12”x12” FramedSize22”x23” Framed£395

The Location Temper Studio, 1212 Music Street. Graff Town 334578. The Date Tuesday November 04 2015

1. Drum ‘N’BaseGeezer 2. BritPopGuy 3. SoulMusicMan

4. HeavyMetalDude 5. AcidHouseRaver 6. CountryBoy 7. Jazz 8. DeathMetalRocker 9. CV -DavesStarQuest (Character1)

10. PunkRockGirl 11. Rock ‘N’Roller 12. 80’sNewRomantic 13. Rapper 14. 70’sDisco 15. SkaGuy 16. ModFella 17. CV -Graffiti isPhysical (Character1) 18. ProgressiveRockBoy 19. CV -UnusualTimes (Character) 20. CV -DavesStarQuest (Character2) 21. ReggaeMan 22. CV -ScrawlsNewPeek (Character) 23. CV -PinkGum (Character) 24. CV -Overshadowed Intro (Character) 25. 60’s 26. MiniABBoyFigure (ABBoyRoad) (Character1) 27. TechnoRaver 28. NorthernSouler



2 3























26 27






29. GraffitiGang 30. GraffitiGang 31. GraffitiGang 32. GraffitiGang 33. HipHop 34. MadchesterRave 35. 70’sRocker






38 39






36. Trumpet 37. Buddha





51 52

38. Union JackFlag 39. PlasticToySnake 40. Barcode 41. BigDrum 42. CassetteTape 43. GolfClubs 44. Vinyl 45. MiniABBoyFigure (ABBoyRoad) (Character2) 46. SprayCans 47. Doll InPushchair 48. MiniABBoyFigure (ABBoyRoad) (Character3) 49. HeadStones (R.I.PGeorgeHarrison& JohnLennon 50. Elephant






51. AppleComputer&Mouse 52. SamsungTV&Apple iPhone

53. TribalHieroglyphic 54. FloralTEMPERTag 55. SeparatedHumanSculpture (Male&Female) 56. Floral ‘WOW’

1 Drum ‘N’ Base Geezer 2 Brit Pop Guy 3 Soul Music Man 4 Heavy Metal Dude 5 Acid House Raver 6 Country Boy 7 Jazz 8 Death Metal Rocker 9 CV - Daves Star Quest (Character 1) 10 Punk Rock Girl 11 Rock ‘N’ Roller 12 80’s New Romantic 13 Rapper 14 70’s Disco 15 Ska Guy 16 Mod Fella 17 CV - Graffiti is Physical (Character 1) 18 Progressive Rock Boy 19 CV - Unusual Times (Character) 20 CV - Daves Star Quest (Character 2) 21 Reggae Man 22 CV - Scrawls New Peek (Character) 23 CV - Pink Gum (Character) 24 CV - Overshadowed Intro (Character) 25 60’s 26 Mini A B Boy Figure (A B Boy Road) (Character 1)

27 Techno Raver 28 Northern Souler 29-32 Graffiti Gang 33 Hip Hop 34 Madchester Rave 35 70’s Rocker 36 Trumpet 37 Buddha 38 Union Jack Flag 39 Plastic Toy Snake

*Paintedoutbecausehewantedmoney $paintedoutdue tobeingwronglyused Tem%alsousedby for realism

*Sculpture (Buddha) fromabirdhouse

Temper Insert 2.indd 1

10/08/2015 09:50

40 Barcode 41 Big Drum 42 Cassette Tape 43 Golf Clubs 44 Vinyl 45 Mini A B Boy Figure (A B Boy Road) (Character 2) 46 Spray Cans 47 Doll In Pushchair 48 Mini A B Boy Figure (A B Boy Road) (Character 3) 49 Head Stones (R.I.P George Harrison & John Lennon) 50 Elephant 51 Apple Computer & Mouse 52 Samsung Tv & Apple iPhone 53 Tribal Hieroglyphic 54 Floral TEMPER Tag 55 Separated Human Sculpture (Male & Female) 56 Floral 'WOW'

18 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

idely recognised as one of themost successful and talented graffiti artists of his generation, Temper’s inaugural ‘ cover:versions ’ collection for Castle Galleries caused a sensation in 2014, and nowhis latest work ismakingwaves, hitting the galleries with his inimitable street style graffiti. Like his previous collection, he harnesses the iconography and graffiti reproduction of albumcover art, (often re- garded bymodern art collectors as the ultimate example of classic late twentieth century artistic innovation in terms of style, inspiration and typography) and this time takes on the legendary 1967 Beatles album. “Albumcovers were like an art gallery tome as a child, they had amagic about them that would transport me to another place. It providedmewith a playground for my creativity and imagination,” explains Temper, whose grittyworking class upbringing have given his graphic, edgy graffiti art an authentic urban realism. “When I was a child, my grandad used to carefully unfold cigarette packets and then flatten themout so that I could drawon them. That was the only time I ever got to drawas a kid” says Temper who never had any formal art education. Obsessively studying sleeve artwork on vinyl records, he absorbed himself into thewhole experiencewhilst listening to themusic, then honing his aerosol skills from the age of ten, spraying tags, bubble letters and figurative images on disused railway lines and factory units. Hewould be the first to acknowledge that he has come a longway! looked back! Following a critically acclaimed collection last year, his ambitious new creation reinterprets the famous Beatles album cover of the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP, designed by the artist Peter Blake. It’s an audacious move that works – exactly as you would expect from this Midlands boy made good R The graffiti artist Temper (aka Arron Bird) first picked up a spray can at the age of 10 and hasn’t


AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 19



Two layers of Gel Coat are painted into the mould tool – a specially designed material is blended to create the exact colour of vinyl giving the authentic look and feel of records for the frames.

Now, as the one of themost successful graffiti artists in the country, he has paved theway for a younger generation to take art off the street and into the galleries, having elevated it into a recognised art form that has progressed from the traditional stereotype of a hooded youth vandalising neighbourhoods with senseless abandon, towork that holds its place in a gallery on artisticmerit. “If you put a knife in someone’s hand, one personmight want to chop up onions with it, the other might want to attack you. There is not onementality for all” says Temper, who sees his difficult formative years as the key to his later success. “I spent 11 years doing illegal graffiti but I was the first one to takemy kind of work into a commercial gallery and I turned thewhole lot upside down.” Taking direct inspiration for this unique piece of art from the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band albumcover, hewill please his followers having drawn up amontage of previous characters fromhis other ‘cover:versions’ characters as well as newones specially created from themusical inspiration of his youth - Punk, Ska and Rock, all crowded into themonochrome background. Using his illustrative skills alongside a free-hand ‘traditional’ graffiti style, the detailed figurativework shows a characteristic dexterity and attention to detail. In Peter Blake’s original version the bandwas depicted posing in front of a tableau of celebrities and historical figures fromMarlene Dietrich to Oscar Wilde. In Temper’s version he replaces the ‘Fab Four’ with his signature B-boy characters, completewith an urban attitude, in a similar colour palette to The Beatles original cover. In the same way that the original Sgt Pepper albumwas considered as a template for the cultural typography of the 1960’s, so this dynamic and brave interpretation by Temper revitalises this iconic album cover to make it instantly relevant and modern. Made out of photocopy cut-outs, illustration, sketches, tissue paper, glue, poster paint, marker pens, and even the humble pencil, it was a risky move, but Temper succeeds in creating something truly different, with a graceful nod to the original’s unique place in rock history and album iconography.

2 3kg of resin with filler is spread over the painted area, and again left to dry.

A layer of fibreglass is inserted into the frame to give strength. 3

GALLERY The new collection fromTemper is available now. View online at

20 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

The F rame x

An exciting and innovative feature of this newwork is the frame designed by Temper which is amazingly derived fromoriginal vinyl records! Reproducing this unique vinyl framewas a time consuming and labour intensive process, in order to provide an exact replica of Temper’s original in detail, colour and finish. The original frame, which used 36 vinyl records, was used as a template for a series ofmould tools designed to replicate exactly the surface finish of the original frame. Two layers of precisely blended gelcoat, the colour and texture of the original vinyl, were painted into themould and left to dry, after which resinwas spread over the painted area. Once dry, a layer of fibreglass was inserted into the frame to toughen it, followed by another thick layer of resin. Once removed fromthe mould, the frontwas buffed to the finish of an original vinyl record, completewith authentic scratches!


A full clean and polish is then given to the front of the frame to give the authentic look and feel of vinyl records.

Once completely set the frame is taken out of the mould, and the back of the frame is cleaned.


AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 21


22 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

Lawrence Coulson

� OurWalkToForever Canvaseditionof150 ImageSize16¾”x28” FramedSize22”x23” Framed£550

I find thatwalking in thecountrysideand gettingsome freshair isa favouriteway to relax , which sounds like a cliché but it’s true. Just doing simple things like lyingunder the tree in the garden, or evenwashing the car. There are two very good pieces of advice that I have received , firstly frommy father who presentedmewith a copy of the book covering his artistic career. Inside the front cover were thewords ‘Just keep trying’. Secondly thesewords of wisdom from Halcyon Gallery’s Paul Green; ‘Just paint…’. The best advice I would give to someone would be to give themselves time to breathe , be openminded, not to suffocate the ones you love and to be a good friend. Again, probably things I amstill trying to accomplishmyself. To any aspiring artist I would say this; paint pictures twice as good as you are now, and be grateful to receive at least half of themoney youwere expecting to be paid for them.

f I could be 21 again I would tell myself to have some self belief and to bemore confident. Also to lighten up and not worry about what I have no control over. All of the things I still tell myself at 53... Current affairs and politics are something that I try to keep abreast of , even if it is just bywatching the evening news, but I have never been a banner waver or any kind of radical. Whatever is going on in the world certainly has no effect onwhatever is happening in the studio, once in there I am lost in thework.


AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 23

Lawrence Coulson

� WeCanDream

Canvaseditionof150 ImageSize22”x22” FramedSize28”x28” Framed£550

I only once ever experienced ‘painter’s block’. I have no ideawhy it happened but it was around 10 years ago and, for several days, everymove I madewas wrong. Colours, tones, everything. Every brushstroke tookme deeper into despair, very frightening. Until one day all my abilities suddenly returned, like the needle on a record dropping into the groove, and I have been fine ever since. If I could conversewith any artist itwould be J.M.W. Turner. I have only one question; "Please sir, could you teachme to paint?..." If I hadn’t been lucky enough to become a professional painter I wouldhave loved to have been a car designer. This was an ambition during my schooldays but academicallywas never going to happen. Half of the reason I failedmost of my exams was probably down to a lack of concentration due to doodling some car or other. When I amnotworkingmymain interest is cars, always has been. Not somuch the exotic stuff like Ferraris or Lamborghinis but older cars, from the ‘60s to the ‘80s. I’mnomechanic by anymeans so my tinkering involves nomore than cleaning and polishing. Mywife and I attend classic car events in an oldMercedes that my father passed tome, but I am just as happy charging around inmy ten year old Saab estate. I lovemusic too, I can’t play anything (yet) but there is always something booming out in the studio, anything fromGary Numan to Beck to The Stranglers to Kate Bush. I would always rather have a phone conversation to an e-mail. I prefer the personal touch. I was always a dreadful pessimist, looking on the darker side of things, cuphalf empty, all of that. These days I ama littlemore optimistic and clearer thinking. Sometimes things happen in your life that force a change for the better.


� TheTreasureOfLife Canvaseditionof150 ImageSize14½”x44” FramedSize20”x50” Framed£750

24 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

If I was given a plane ticket to anywhere at all it would be to California’sWest coast, the Santa Monica area. I would love to experience that whole surfing, skateboarding, cool car culturewhilst being immersed in constant sunshine. The technology that allows somuch visual reference is like any newtech, it carries advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the artist it allows instant sharing of newwork to gain feedback, and is a valuablemarketing tool. However it can prove to be amassive distraction and can probably be blamed for totally destroying the art of conversation. Mymost recent collection ‘Through All Seasons’ contains two themes. Firstly I wanted to present a collection with as much variety as possible, to give as much interest to collectors both old and new. Secondly the ‘Seasons’ in the title may not be literal, but periods in ones life where one has to battle through the challenges thrown at them and it is only the love and support of those around you that can pull you through.

� LoveStruck

Canvaseditionof150 ImageSize26”x10½” FramedSize31”x16” Framed£395

� ThatMomentOf Wonder

Canvaseditionof150 ImageSize16¾”x28” FramedSize22”x33” Framed£550

I wouldhope that by taking the time to look atmywork the viewer ismomentarily transported to a quieter place, maybe into a distantmemory. I would also like to think that in this digital age they could appreciate the time and craftsmanship that is present. To referencemy father, ‘There are only two things that matter, the skill of the artist and the beauty of the subject.’


Editorial Feature

Emerging artists step into the limelight through unique campaign to cultivate talent arlier this year Castle Galleries, fine art publisher Castle Galleries, launched a campaign to find the UK's newest emerging artistic talent and give them an opportunity to have their work publicly showcased. Aiming to reach a nationwide audience, IN:SIGHT 2015 was an open call to all unsigned artists - from painters, street artists and sculptors to photographers and sketchers. With no style, genre or medium off limits, artists were invited to submit their portfolios for review by the publisher's creative team, for the chance to be selected to exhibit their work at an inaugural Summer Exhibi- tion. Glyn Washington, founder and creative director of Washington Green said: "With ongoing government cuts in arts funding, we feel that as the UK’s leading fine art publisher, we have a responsibility to give something back and invest in the future of the UK arts scene. Nurturing home grown talent and providing a stage for artists to express themselves and shine is vital, and setting up IN:SIGHT and the subsequent Summer Exhibition is our way of recognising this." Last year's success stories included Dan Lane aka Mechanica, Scarlett Raven and Frédéric Daty. TALENTON SHOW The response to IN:SIGHT was overwhelming, with over 400 submissions received. With so much talent to choose from, whittling them down to a final 20 artists for inclusion in Summer Exhibition 2015 was not an easy task. Held at Castle Fine Art at Birmingham’s prestigious International Convention Centre, the 4-week long exhibition in August showcased an exceptional array of works and represented the diverse nature of contemporary art. Differing in age, methodology, subject matter and medium, the exhibitors ranged from painters, photographers and sculptors working in a myriad of materials - from pen and pastels to charcoal and oils. Some had honed their skills by undertaking fine art degrees, whilst others were self-taught and had chosen a creative path after first having careers in fields as varied as healthcare, architecture, textiles and blacksmithing. Their collective talents combined to take the viewer on a journey from the precision of pointillism portraiture to visual storytelling through photography, and from the intricate beauty of origami to striking landscapes, oil paintings of heroes from childhood literature and more. "We have great belief in the promise of this eclectic and talented group," said Glyn Washington "and we look forward to watching as their respective success stories unfold over the coming months and years." With the work on show throughout August, the exhibition gave a vast number of people the opportunity to view the remarkable portfolios. Visitors were also invited to choose their favourite artist, with the 'People's Choice Award' going to Glyn Davies.

One of the success stories of IN:SIGHT and the Summer Exhibition is Robert Oxley who has recently been signed by Castle Galleries, with three newly published pieces unveiled here

Manchester-based Oxley's work explores themes of loss of natural habitat and species extinction. A completely self- taught artist, his love of nature and wildlife began in his childhood.

“As a kid I would make and paint dioramas for imaginary zoos and when I was about 12 years old, I became obsessed with birds and natural history. My grandad challenged me to draw every bird in his Illustrated Book of Birds, which I still have."


AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 27

� Cowslip

Boxedcanvas Editionof95 ImageSize36”x36” £695

� Flood

Boxedcanvas Editionof95 ImageSize36”x36” £695

� Flux

Boxedcanvas Editionof95 ImageSize36”x36” £695

“I took a bunch of canvases and with no ideas, no references, and no vision of a finished painting I just painted and let it happen. I realised I wanted something loose and expressionist, yet was controlled and detailed."

Using acrylics on canvas, for many years his work was characterised by a photo-realistic style, drawing on diverse references and inspiration ranging from wildlife to American lowbrow pop surrealism. For his new body of work, however, he wanted to do something totally different. “With no ideas, no references and no vision of a finished painting I just painted and let it happen," he said. “As the paintings grew I realised that I wanted something loose and expressionistic yet also controlled and detailed – work that looks like it was done quickly but on inspection reveals that every brushstroke is considered and meticulously painted. Loose and free but in fact complex is what nature is all about.”

GALLERY The new collection fromRobert Oxley is available now. Viewonline at

28 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015


� Hendrix

Gicléeeditionof150 ImageSize30”x20” FramedSize44”x34” Framed£1,450

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 29


� Velocity

Boxedcanvas Editionof95 ImageSize38”x48” £950


30 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

possibilities requires real bravery," she observes. "This is when energy flows and we positively sparkle." STRUCTURE AND INSTINCT Strongly influenced by Jackson Pollock's working methods, creating a new piece is an intricate process that fuses structure, instinct, patience and high energy. "The process is very organic and it’s hard to say where the work is heading because the paintings lead

F or London-based Carly Ashdown, sketching has been part of her life from a very young age, however it wasn't until she turned 30 that she began painting. Before becoming a full time artist, she spent five years doing post-production work in television, includ- ing for the BBC and Channel 4. "I was happy in my job and my career was flourishing," she says "but I had such a powerful sense of wanting to paint that I decided to leave the television industry and followmy heart." Although Carly had never stopped sketching, painting was a newmedium for her. "I did an art and design degree at what was then Leeds Metropolitan University but my focus was film and photography, so when I started painting almost 10 years later it was all quite new to me. I’m pretty much self taught and I’m still learning." ACELEBRATIONOF LIFE Working in acrylic on canvas, her spirited figures are an exploration of the human experience and the indefinable sense of feeling alive. Self-understanding, interaction with the world and particu- larly personal transformation have long fascinated and inspired Carly. "Opening the heart, connecting to whom we really are, letting go and being open to


me. When I take a break and return to the piece the next day or a few hours later, new paths and doorways often

open and I see where to head next." Carly starts with sketches of figures, which develop and evolve as she fine-tunes and changes elements to create more

� SweetSurrender Boxedcanvas Editionof95

dynamic poses and bring them to life. She then paints a charcoal outline washed over with water on the canvas and begins dripping acrylic paint down it. "I paint very instinctively and I know in the first 10 to 20 minutes if I’m creating something with magic in it." Working with a small brush, she applies detailed shading to help the figure 'pop out'. She follows by dripping more paint then flicking it at the canvas to create the sense of vivid movement and exact look that she wants. Flicking is normally done using forefinger and thumb but Carly will use anything to get the right look - even the flat end of paint tubes. When pieces are nearing completion, she paints in the white background and drips more paint onto the figure to further break it up. Once the canvas is dry, she might flick more paint and add final bits of shading. "My aim is to create beautiful pieces that are expressive, dynamic and vibrant," she says. "Paintings that are a celebration of the human form, the beauty of movement and freedom frompersonal limitations - and most importantly, a celebration of life itself."

ImageSize38”x48” £950

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 31

W ith her father's creative flair and passion for the arts, drawing and painting have been part of Laura Tinald's life since childhood. At a young age, she was fascinated by vintage Disney animation and, when her parents started taking her to art galleries, she became utterly captivated by Pre-Raphaelite paintings, and in particular Dante Rossetti's Proserpine. "I spent hours drawing ladies with long flowing locks, trying to capture the textures as Rossetti did," she says. After completing an art foundation course at Bournville Art College in Birmingham, Laura studied fashion promotion and illustration at the University for Creative Arts in Surrey, and she has refined much of her craft by endlessly drawing and painting whenever she has a free moment. Applying stylised paint strokes and fine pencil lines, her hypnotic portraits of beautiful faces are akin to fashion illustrations but with a depth of character and emotion that transcends the genre. To this day, she continues to be inspired by Rossetti. "His ability to capture the curve of a woman’s lips or the shine in her hair remains unrivalled in my opinion. I also adore the work of fashion illustrator David Downton. He has a keen eye for detail and can capture the essence of a woman’s beauty so perfectly with so few lines." HAPPYACCIDENTS Working on hot press watercolour paper, her favourite medium is Indian ink. "I love the rich, vivid colours that they achieve and how easily you can manipulate them - and with such striking results!" Using the inks and pencil lines, her technique is a combination of precision and 'happy accidents'. With the eyes always the focal point, the pencil lines are strategic but the ink splashes are completely spontaneous. "If I think a picture needs an extra something to give it more life, I'll add an impulsive splash. Indian ink has a life of its own, which gives a more natural, organic feel, and I hope that the haphazard quirks that it creates, and colour that is rarely kept within the lines, adds a certain magic to my work." CLASSICBEAUTY Laura's collection features four iconic movie stars, and she has deliberately limited the amount of colour to reflect the more muted look of movies in Greta, Lauren, Bette and Katharine’s heyday. "All of these actresses are classically beautiful," she says "but they are also strong women with very distinct personalities and rich and interesting stories, which is why I was drawn to them. They are very much role models."


32 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

Landscapes NEW ARTISTS

� Greta

Gicléeeditionof95 ImageSize15”x12” FramedSize26”x23” Framed£295

� Bette

Gicléeeditionof95 ImageSize15”x12” FramedSize26”x23” Framed£295

� Katharine

Gicléeeditionof95 ImageSize15”x12” FramedSize26”x23” Framed£295

� Lauren

Gicléeeditionof95 ImageSize15”x12” FramedSize26”x23” Framed£295

ScreenSirensSetofFour Gicléeeditionof95 ImageSize15”x12” FramedSize26”x23” Framed£995

Inevitably, Laura used photos as reference for the images, however she would love to draw a movie icon from life. "Capturing someone’s features in natural light whilst they sit for you is far more difficult than working from pictures, but so much more rewarding. It would be wonderful to be the artist chosen to capture a modern day screen siren’s beauty, and for the image to be remembered for many years to come." GALLERY Both artists' collections are available in galleries across the country. Viewonline at

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 33

IN THE GALLERY B o b Bark e r

� BitterSweet

Canvaseditionof195 ImageSize24”x24” FramedSize31”x31” Framed£575

34 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

� RunOfTheMill

Canvaseditionof195 ImageSize24”x24” FramedSize31”x31” Framed£575

� MatchOfTheDay

(1914,ChristmasTruce) Bronzesculpture Editionof95 Height13” £1,950

� ThunderInMyHeart Canvaseditionof195 ImageSize14”x44” FramedSize22”x50” Framed£695

I have to paint, there is a need to paint. I suppose you could say I am addicted.

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 35


A LEGEND LENS OF A A captivating photographic archive of the most celebrated football player in history and, perhaps, the most popular athlete the world has ever known charts the rise of global sports icon, Pelé


e is a living footballing legend; a man who was named Football Player of the Century by FIFA and who in 2014 was awarded the first FIFA Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur in recognition of his career. He

is the most successful league goal scorer in the world, with 541 league goals under his belt, and a player who scored a total of 1,281 goals in 1,363 games in his career. He is also the only football player to have won three World Cup tournaments. He is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known simply as Pelé.

36 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

From the age of 15, Pelé was being hailed as a great player. And as Brazil’s interest in this young footballer started to pique, his astonishing career was already being captured in black and white by fellow countryman, José Dias Herrera . Herrera, a founder member of the São Paulo State Syndicate of Professional Journalists, noticed this precocious talent who was making a name for himself at Santos Futebol Clube when he was working for Diários Associados. He took a keen interest in the teen and it was an association that was to last more than 20 years, with Herrera chronicling Pelé’s ascent from the promising player who joined Santos Futebol Clube in 1956 at the tender age of 15 to the man who reached the peak of global soccer fame. Now photography and footballer lovers can reflect on this friendship and own their own piece of rare football history, as Castle Galleries presents Art Life Football: The Herrera Archive . This new limited edition collection comprises eight of Herrera’s unique photographs and each giclée and silver gelatin print has been hand

signed by Pelé, giving the collection the ultimate seal of approval. The photographs comprise key moments in the footballer’s career, including his call up for his country in 1957 and him proudly holding aloft the Jules Rimet Cup when Brazil won the World Cup tournament for a second consecutive time in 1962. A further six hand-selected images show the maestro, who was also known as A Pérola Negra (The Black Pearl) and O Rei (The King), in action for Santos and his national team between the 1960s and 1970s. These exceptional photographs blend art with sport, depicting in sharp focus Pelé as a man who exudes passion for his sport whether he is clutching the back of the net after a run up the field, taking a break on the pitch or demonstrating his header skills in the locker room. They also show Herrera as a photographer of rare skill. Born in São Paulo in 1920 to Spanish immigrant parents, he moved to the industrial port city of Santos at the age of seven. When he was just 14, he began to learn the art of photography in a studio

� BicycleKick SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof195 PaperSize24”x36” FramedSize27”x39” Framed£1,450 PaperSize30”x40” FramedSize33”x43” Framed£2,450 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof75 PaperSize60”x40” FramedSize63”x43” Framed£4,950 � WorldCupWinner (Herrera) SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495 � SantosFC(Herrera) SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495


AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 37

� LockerRoomSkills (Herrera) SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495 � Pelé(Herrera) SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof150 ImageSize30”x30” Framed£1,950 ImageSize40”x40” Framed£2,950 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof75 ImageSize60”x60” Framed£3,950 � WarmUp(Herrera) SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495 � TrainingHard(Herrera) SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof150 ImageSize30”x30” Framed£1,950 ImageSize40”x40” Framed£2,950 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof75 ImageSize60”x60” Framed£3,950


laboratory. It was then that Herrera knew he had found his passion and he went on to document Santos through the eye of a camera lens. In 1937, he began his professional photographic career when he joined the newsroom of the Gazette newspaper and he remained there until 1953, when he moved to the Tribuna de Santos, working as a photographer until 1980. After that, he went to the city’s Department of Communication. But photography was more than just a way of life for Herrera. Despite his body of work, cap-

turing the growing city of Santos, political developments in Brazil and the country’s famous figures, it is his unprecedented access to Pelé’s personal life for which he is now renowned. Their association saw him document Pelé’s career, including the World Cups of 1958, 1962 and 1966, with Herrera producing iconic photographs that came to shape the footballer's reputation and image for decades to come. In 2002, many of Herrera’s photo- graphs were included in the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art exhibition 'Pelé, the Art of the King'. It was this exposition that revealed the extent of Herrera’s role in creating Pelé’s almost mythical status. The Castle Galleries collection offers a small and fascinating snap- shot into this incredible relationship between Pelé and Herrera, charting not only the rise of a global sports icon

but also that of an incredibly talented photographer. GALLERY Art Life Football: The Herrera Archive collection is available as a boxed set of eight limited edition giclée of 195. Four titles from the collection are also available as Silver Gelatin editions, which are available in three sizes: small (30” x 30”), medium (40” x 40”), and large (60” x 60”)

38 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015

EdsonArantes doNascimentowas born on October 23, 1940, toDondinho andDona Celeste in Três Corações. Pelé played for a number of amateur football teams as a child but itwaswhen he joined Bauru that his talentwas immediately spotted by coach, former BrazilianWorld Cup player, Waldemar deBrito. DeBrito took the young teen to Santos, a club teamon the coast of Brazil, telling the club that the 15-year-oldwould be the greatest player in theworld. The clubwere impressed by the footballer and signed him in June 1956. Hewas just 16when he played his first official game for the club. Soon afterwards, hewas called up to theBrazilian national team. At 17, Peléwas selected to play for the Seleção at the 1958World Cup in Sweden, scoring thewinning goal in the quarter finals and a hat trick in the semi finals. Brazil went on towin their first Jules Rimet trophy and theworld sawa glimpse of the greatness thatwas to come fromthis young player Pelé. He ledBrazil to twomoreWorld Cup titles, 1962 in Chile and 1970 inMexico, and also played in the 1966 tournament in England, where he became the first player to score in three successiveWorld Cups. Even today, Pelé is the only football player to havewon threeWorld Cup tournaments and he is the top scorer Brazil’s national team with 77 goals. After 18 yearswith Santos FC, Pelé joined theNewYork Cosmos in theNorthAmerican Soccer League (NASL) in 1975, playing his last game inOctober 1977.

� BackOfTheNet (Herrera)

SignedLimitedEdition Gicléeof195 ImageSize18”x18” Framed£495 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof150 ImageSize30”x30” Framed£1,950 ImageSize40”x40” Framed£2,950 SignedLimitedEdition SilverGelatinof75 ImageSize60”x60” Framed£3,950

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 39


“Against the 1970 Brazil team, the nerves were incredible until the whistle blew, then the concentration and focus took over. Of all the greats I played against - Bobby Moore, George Best, Bobby Charlton - Pelé was the best." – Gordon Banks

� TheGreatestSave

SignedByGordonBanks andPelé Gicléeeditionof295 PaperSize20½”x53½”


� TheOne&Only10 3-DWallsculpture Editionof195 FramedSize24”x24” Framed£1,450 � OnTheSummit 3-DWallsculpture Editionof195 FramedSize25”x25” Framed£1,450

40 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R AUTUMN2015


In celebration of Pelé’s 75th Birthday and his lifetime of achievements, three of our

the piece I have carved andmade, using poses I found of him in action. 'On the Summit' shows Pelé on top of theworld, having helpedBrazil to its 3rdWorld Cupwin reaching the pinnacle of skill, inspiring generations. But there is somuch more to take fromboth sculptures that the viewer can interpret for themselves." KeithMaiden (right) "I wanted to strip back the public mask of Pelé, and reveal the genuine, 'humble' guy beneathwith a serious, honest and rawpainting. My composition avoids the 'bling' of football. Sadly themodern day game has sold its soul formoney.'

acclaimed artists have created unique pieces to honour this legend; his creativity, his life and his incredible sporting career. StuartMcAlpineMiller (above): "This painting suggests the extraordinary force thatwas Pelé. Likened to that of a superhero he achieved a status far and beyond that ofmostmeremortals" Nic Joly (left): "I made the number 10 and name 'Pelé' as close to the exact lettering on Pelé's iconic shirt. Eachfigure in

� FromThePowerWithin Boxedcanvas Editionof195 ImageSize40”x26½” Framed£1,495 Editionof75 ImageSize50”x33” Framed£1,950

� FromAJackToAKing Boxedcanvas Editionof195 ImageSize36”x21¾” Framed£995 Editionof75 ImageSize48”x29” Framed£1,450

AUTUMN2015 FIN e ARTC o LL e CT o R 41

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