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LET THEM TAKE CHARGE If you see a team member taking the reins on a project, you need to reward their initiative. Employees who feel empowered to bring their own ideas into the fold are often the most productive and satisfied staff members. When you notice somebody going above and beyond, don’t let them toil in silence. A little acknowledgement and confidence will inspire other team members to bring their A-game, as well.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and appreciation to those around you. You’ve probably already booked a dinner reservation and ordered flowers for your significant other (at least, we hope you have), but don’t forget it’s just as important to show love to your employees. Spreading a little positivity will raise employee morale, and it doesn’t require a grand gesture on your part. Here are some easy, meaningful ways to let your employees know you care. HAVE A STAFF DINNER This one sounds obvious, but too few companies take the time to break bread with their teams. Eating is a fundamentally communal activity, and getting everyone together for a meal will boost spirits. Put a moratorium on any shop talk and use the meal as a chance to learn more about your employees’ lives. If you have a larger staff, it’s better to break into teams. Your staff dinner shouldn’t feel like a work event. The goal should simply be to have a good time. MAKE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PUBLIC Sometimes, a simple high-five and “Job well done!” is enough to remind your employees of your appreciation. But if you want to take giving props to the next level, create a shared space where employees can spread the love around. You can create a wall in the break room where employees can credit each other or you can provide a public forum for verbal encouragement. Either way, receiving wider recognition will mean a lot to your staff.

LITTLE TOKENS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE What if every one of your employees walked in on Valentine’s Day to find some candy hearts on their desk? And what if a few randomly selected boxes had a slip for a few hours of paid time off? It costs almost nothing to you, but it shows you’re thinking of them. Little, creative bonuses like this can be a huge pick-me-up. Don’t announce your plans in advance. The surprise will make the gesture all the sweeter.


After several years serving our state as an educator, Brian Robinson realized his true calling was law. As a public schoolteacher, he’d taken on leadership roles, and one of those was as a site representative mediating disputes between his colleagues.

drew me to Amiel was that we both came from a previous profession. His was law enforcement; mine was education. For similar reasons, we wanted to become attorneys. We both have a strong drive to serve people.” Outside of settling disputes, Brian is very active. He goes to the gym regularly and plays basketball. He also enjoys watching sports and reading, but he explains, “All that takes a backseat to spending time with my kids. Just as often as I’m lifting weights at the gym, I’m giving piggyback rides around the house.” Brian and his wife are proud parents to 3-year-old twins and a baby. “Finding balance is important to me,” Brian says. “In the long run, I always wanted to serve people by practicing law.” We’re so grateful to have him at our firm, and we look forward to combining Brian’s well-rounded expertise with our experienced team of attorneys.

The feedback he got from colleagues? Positive — he was good at his role.

“It was different from being a teacher. It was another side of me that I was exercising,” says Brian. “I realized I wanted to exercise this side full time. I wondered what else I could do career-wise that would allow me to do this more often.” Soon, the answer became clear: law school. “As lawyers, we do many things, and that’s true of any career. At the end of the day, we are helping people get to the end of their disputes.”

Brian joined our firm after observing that our values aligned with his. “One of the things that

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