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Highlights of this issue - Rupa Mathur shares her experience on handling conflicts at work - Vinita Chopra discusses role of communication in conflict management - Neha Kamat shows affirmations of conflicts - Priyanka Jaitly shows ways to increase the ROI by training employees - Deeksha Jawa’s bean tip on creating‘win – win’situations

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Rupa Mathur

Rupa is a Test Analyst with OzForex, Australia. She has over 4 years of experience in IT.

once a month and asking about accomplishments, challenges and issues ‰ Setup an anonymous suggestion box in which employees provided suggestions ‰ Held management meetings to communicate new initiatives and status of current projects in the pipeline.They would discuss about any immediate future hires as well All this created a positive vibe in the company. When we manage our conflicts more effectively, we use less energy on the burdensome tasks such as systemic conflicts and get to spend more of our energy on our projects at work and building our relationships.

Recently, the company that I work for went through a series of organizational changes. Due to growth of the company, new staff was being hired almost every week. People were being promoted and also being “shifted” around. Consider this example fromwithin my own department: Peter was hired as the Development Manager. He had no idea that Matt was in line for a promotion. No prize for guessing that Matt was upset. Matt had been working in the company for 3 years now and so he thought it was obvious that he will be given a promotion! But instead now he would have to report to Peter.This move came in as a “nasty” surprise to Matt. In the beginning, this looked like a small issue. The managers were not aware of it or the implications it might have. Eventually, Matt’s productivity at work got affected and soon he left the job out of frustration. The company ended up losing a valuable employee. There were some key managerial actions that the company took to avoid these kinds of conflicts in future: ‰ Regularly reviewed job descriptions and made sure that job roles don’t conflict or no tasks fall in a crack ‰ Intentionally built relationships with all subordinates, like holding team meeting at least

She has done her Masters in Business Administration from International School of Business and Media, Pune. She has keen interest in studying human behavior & bringing creativity in human resource processes. the editor’s column Deepa Sengupta

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This edition talks about diverse root causes of conflicts at workplace and measures to surmount them.

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