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OD experts speak ROI by Investing in your Workforce

Priyanka Jaitly

Priyanka is an Organizational Behaviorist and as a Consultant has been contributing to human resource development and effectiveness. Having worked with clients across the spectrum from IT to Pharmacy to FMCG, she has acquired a strong ability to understand the organizations’ DNA and following it up with concrete measures for improvement.

In the last few years of my corporate HR experience I have observed, engaged with and analyzed employees from different industries very closely. Having done that, I have arrived at the well validated conclusion that it’s imperative to get the pulse of your employees, map the aspirations and potentials your people have and follow it up with interventions. Like in case of research scientists, most of them can communicate the most difficult formulation to you that would sell like hot cake, however, would not be able to communicate effectively enough in an appraisal to be able to convey the right thing at the right time to the right person. Interpersonal communication, impression management, team work are just some of the soft skills in which they could be totally lagging and therefore hamper their hard work. Likewise there are the leaders who drive multinational organizations and are not shy to highlight their strengths and achievements or to give directives. However, more often than not leaders end up being skewed either towards their business alone or very rarely towards their people alone. Mapping people on the critical competencies and following it up with training to augment their skill set and bringing it to the desired level is definitely one area that I contribute to. This excites me a lot as the challenging part is not to deliver the training alone but to enable the employee to identify, open up and relate to the strengths and weaknesses that have been identified. Once this is done, it has to be followed up with training programs that are experiential and not just a conglomeration of fancy words and meaningless games.

academician opine Communicate to bring Opinion Together

Vinita Chopra

“Poor Communication” is a major managerial action that causes workplace conflicts. An organization is like a spider’s web of people, comprising of managers, staff and workers interacting in various ways to fulfill the organization mandate. Many times they communicate and incite conflict simply based on how they speak, words they choose and these interactions result in destructive conflicts mainly because they lack the skill to communicate.

Vinita is a communication faculty at International School of Business and Media and a corporate trainer as well. She firmly believes in learning and applying creativity at work.

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