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Leveraging Conflicts space for everyone

Neha Kamat

Neha, Executive - Coaching Division, Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a post graduate diploma in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. She uses her analytical skills to apply management knowledge in dynamic business context and facilitate people bring out the best in themselves. She aspires to gain expertise and contribute in all facets of HR.

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much” – Walter Lippmann

Clashes of thoughts and ideas are bound to occur in a ‘thinking organization’. Conflict is thus a sign that the employees are thinking differently, brainstorm- ing and trying to contribute to the organization. Conflicts, traditionally, were

considered harmful, causing hostility and loss of organizational productivity. However, this may not always stand true. Conflicts by nature are neither good nor bad. The negative outcomes seen are effects of improper conflict management and not the conflict itself. In fact engaging in conflicts can have positive effects on organizations. Conflicts are helpful, and at times even necessary, for the good health of an organization. It helps employees to discuss alternatives and arrive at a proposal or solution that is cumulative effort of all members. Ideas generated in this way are valid, comprehensive and superior as they are thoroughly discussed and debated. By challenging the existing processes and procedures, conflicts often result in improvements and up-gradations. Conflict of ideas, opinions and thoughts are also imperative for innovation and creativity to flourish in the organization. To harness the advantages of conflict the organization needs to be mature and open to new ideas.The employees need to commu- nicate constantly, learn to give and take constructive feedback. The role of conflict management in such organization becomes crucial. Conflict management here does not mean avoiding or suppressing conflict; it means streamlining and channelizing the direction of conflict to extract the superlative!

“ High Performance Teams must always move from conflicts to agreements – conflicts are healthy.”

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