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The Many Lessons of Mishka Myers

I have been working in the financial industry for the past four years. I went to school, and I worked during the summer, gaining valuable

As a Client Support Officer (as well as a relief Cambio Officer) with JMMB, I often work directly with our clients. As a CSO, I am here to ensure that proper information is gathered from clients to better fulfil their needs. Every person we work with has different needs and different dreams. I also assist in the transactions of the Personal Portfolio Management Centre’s high-net-worth clients. Then, as a Cambio Officer, I will settle a wider net of JMMB clients’ daily foreign exchange trades. And speaking of the Personal Portfolio Management Centre — every day I look forward to going to work with my PPM family. We have a diverse range of personalities that make work engaging. Every person brings something different and unique to the table, and I enjoy the many conversations we have.

“Every day is a new learning experience. There is always a new lesson on how

experience. My first job in financial services was with the Bank of Jamaica, which helped prepare me for my eventual transition to JMMB.

One of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in the financial industry was due to its diversity. It’s complex and there is always something new to discover. In addition, it’s a practical industry — it offers something everyone can use in one form or another.

to become a solution-

oriented thinker.”

The knowledge that I have gained from working in finance has been useful in my own life. I have been able to apply principles I learned working at both the BOJ and JMMB to make more informed decisions and better my standard of living. JMMB is a company that believes in each of its team members’ goals and abilities. I deeply admire the way the company actively encourages team members to have multiple streams of income in order to build a better life for themselves. This, along with many other aspects, shows me that JMMB truly believes in the betterment of every Jamaican. Another aspect of JMMB I appreciate is the challenge. The work itself affords me the ability to learn more about myself and the industry I work in. Every day is a new learning experience. There is always a new lesson on how to become a solution-oriented thinker. It’s through constant learning that I can better serve clients.

When I am not with my PPM family, I spend much of my time exploring Jamaica and going to the river or the beach with my loved ones. You may also find me dancing (one of my God-given talents) or playing the bass guitar! Early next year, I am getting married! I am excited to see what that next chapter in my life will bring. –Mishka Myers


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GREG MCKEOWN’S ‘ESSENTIALISM’ Will Help You Declutter Your Workload

“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will,” writes Greg McKeown in “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.” When he set out to write the book, McKeown wanted to know what keeps skilled, driven people from achieving as much as possible. What he found was that many people suffer not from being lazy, but from allocating their time ineffectively. The impulse to “do it all” keeps folks from spending their time on the things that actually matter. The book, then, serves as a guide to cutting out the extraneous and focusing on the essential. “Life is not an all-you-can-eat buffet,” McKeown says. “It’s amazingly great food. Essentialism is about finding the right food. More and more is valueless. Staying true to my purpose and being selective in what I take on results in a more meaningful, richer, and sweeter quality of life.” This metaphor can be applied to your work life as well. There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish every task. The essentialist works to spend their time diligently by pursuing what actually matters, rather than filling their days with meaningless busywork. Early in the book, McKeown uses famed Braun designer Dieter Rams as an example of an essentialist. He notes that Rams’ design philosophy can be characterized by three simple words: less but better. This, in essence, is what essentialists believe.

Doing your best work where it matters and cutting out the superfluous will allow you to better manage your time and increase your performance. As McKeown puts it, “It is about making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy in order to operate at your highest point of contribution by doing only what is essential.” Instead of having their energy spread out in a million different

directions, essentialists channel it into what really matters. McKeown also advocates for defining your purpose in order to accurately assess what’s essential and what isn’t. The more a task contributes to your purpose, the more essential it is. Many business owners and leaders struggle to let go of tasks that are best left to other employees. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to manage a massive workload while resenting the fact that much of what you do is needless, then it’s time to pick up a copy of “Essentialism.”

JMMB at a Glance

Meet Ryan Chung

Ryan Chung joined the JMMB team in November 2017. JMMB was exactly what he was looking for: “A

Every day brings something new, which Ryan appreciates. “Each transaction has different challenges, and finding solutions to each of these is quite rewarding. In other words, no two transactions are ever the same.” Ryan also believes that whatever you do, you should do it to the best of your ability. It’s a philosophy that comes from the motto of his old school, Wolmer’s Boys’ High School — Age Quod Agis. This motto means “Do what you are doing,”

family-oriented organisation that empowers their employees for personal development,” as he puts it. “The capital markets team is very dynamic and possesses a wealth of knowledge. I enjoy the accessibility of the knowledge base, advice, and interactions within JMMB.” In the role of Senior Capital Markets Analyst, Ryan and his team assist corporate clients by giving them financing solutions to meet their capital needs. They do this while also making investment options available to the investor pool. On any given day, Ryan looks forward to the sense of accomplishment that comes with the position. Every step of the way, from executing a transaction from origination to providing the financing required by the client — Ryan gets to be a part of it.

but is more commonly known to mean “Do well whatever you do.” “Always put your best foot forward,” Ryan says. “Stay focused, work hard, work on your strengths, and work harder on your weaknesses.”

Contact Your Personal Portfolio Manager: 1. Alaine Samuels – 551 7739 2. Gillian Bernard – 550 8020 3. Mark Gilzeane – 552 4586 4. Melissa McKenzie – 552 4666 5. Nicole Henry-Dewar – 469 2704 6. Racquel Henry-Burke – 403 9550 7. Ian Belcher (RBO) – 551 0521 8. Joan Edwards – 877 5512



Investment Type

Real Estate Fund

Real Estate

Regional real estate within the tourism sector (tourist attraction)





Minimum Purchase

USD $80,000

Initial Offer Size

US $15,000,000.00 – US $20,000,0000.00

Location of Property Currency of Payment Frequency of Payment

Jamaica and the Caribbean

Investors will receive payments in US dollars



8%–9% per annum


Tax not withheld at source

Offer Period

September 2018

Benefits to Investor

1. 2. 3. 4.


Investment in tourism sector

Monthly cash flows

US currency




1. WHO WAS JAMAICA’S FIRST PRIME MINISTER? a. Michael Manley b. Donald Sangster c. Norman Manley d. Sir Alexander Bustamante 2. WHAT IS JAMAICA’S NATIONAL BIRD? a. Doctor Bird b. Duck c. John Crow d. Yellow-Billed Parrot

c. Spanish Town d. Montego Bay

4. WHAT IS JAMAICA’S NATIONAL FRUIT? a. Mango b. Pineapple c. Ackee d. Jamaica doesn’t have a national fruit


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Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament Friday, Oct. 12-Sunday, Oct. 21 Port Antonio

It’s that time once again, when the Atlantic blue marlin makes its migration through the Caribbean. The Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament brings in people from all over the island and all over the world. As fishermen angle for the largest marlin, the tournament brings attention to conservation efforts in the region. The Atlantic blue marlin is listed as a “threatened species” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and during the tournament, marlin are caught, tagged, and released.

Competitors can also try their hands at catching mahi-mahi, wahoo, tarpon, sailfish, barracuda, and more.


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