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Erika S. Williams MANAGING PARTNER "We love to work with social purpose driven organizations, helping them to deliver more of their mission in an efficient and effective way. For the efforts of these organizations lay the groundwork for a just and civil society worth inhabiting." – Erika S. Williams OUR APPROACH INFORM Scan the environment to identify gaps and opportunities in achieving the goal, and gather and assess the data to give way to the use of best practices and issue-based insight and expertise ACT Engage the appropriate audience and partners for resource development, buy-in and accountability; and conceptualize and implement relevant, creative strategies with deliberate messaging and streamlined processes within an agreed-to timeline for execution MEASURE Monitor and evaluate the strategy within an accountability framework that enables the tracking and articulation of the impact, and when necessary, quickly assesses opportunities for course correction while nurturing a continuous learning and innovative environment for the organization

CONSULTING PROFILE As Founder and Principal Consultant of The Albireo Group, Erika develops and executes cutting-edge strategies to facilitate social change and sustainability within communities around the world. Her management consulting firm interweaves strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, program management and performance evaluation services to heighten the capacity and efficacy of social purpose organizations. She brings diverse insight in maximizing resources to create desired results for nonprofit/NGO’s, government, philanthropic, and socially responsible businesses.


Albireo implements sustainable strategies to facilitate social change through research, strategic planning, execution and evaluation.

Fund Development – Help clients acquire resources to advance the mission of their organization. Build the long-term capacity of an organization by infusing strategic marketing, performance measurement and the identification of ongoing, reliable sources of revenue into our fund development strategies.

Performance Evaluation - Design, implement, manage and review evaluation systems for a range of social strategies.

Strategic Planning & Visioning - Using our strategic planning framework, we create a participatory decision making environment where participants partner to define priorities, objectives and tactics that serve as an actionable blueprint for advancing the organization’s mission.

Facilitation and Community Engagement – Design and execute tailored public engagement opportunities to garner input and strengthen partnerships among community stakeholders.


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