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A s the year draws to a close with the festive season I would like to wish you and your families all the best for the holidays and hope to see you all at the Foundation meeting in March. With the new digital newsletter format I will be brief and instead we will highlight issues in separate articles. The year has seen our specialist promotions campaign in full swing for the first time with an annual budget of greater than $250,000. The move to our own independent secretarial offices is complete and we are underway with a national restructure of ASO Inc – and separately the states - to better equip the Society to deal with our present and future problems. The Society is only facing national issues, and a state v state mindset will not help us to deal with these. In addition, we would be looking at reduced financial costs from the restructure by rationalisation of offices, investments, accounting, audits and constitutions. The member survey regarding compulsion of ADA membership was so one sided that this has forced a vote on the issue at the AGM. The issue here is not ‘Anti-ADA’ but rather ‘Pro-Choice’. This is exactly what many younger orthodontists are asking for. The ADA is happy to accept orthodontists as members who are not ASO members but the reverse is not true. We should not be losing members over this.

A member vote will be required regarding an updated constitution and legal status for ASO’s national body. We believe this will give us a better framework to work with - with member protections, governance and efficiencies that a modern ASO requires. This is a fairly straightforward process and is in addition to the separate question about our structure – and whether we also need to maintain five separate ASO associations at state level to deal with the issues the members face. The review panel that includes all State Presidents will report shortly. Our discussions with indemnity insurers has highlighted that nationally orthodontics is now the most frequent form of indemnity claim and growing. We will therefore be looking for a discount on insurance in the future for our members. The majority of complaints regarding specialist seems to be regarding fees and thankfully not the quality of work. I feel members may need to be reminded that they should be generous in assessing transfer case costs and when in dispute consider a similar generosity. This would substantially reduce our specialist claim profile and the member’s stress. The ASO continues to campaign in relation to item numbers with the ADA and insurers. We are also maintaining a strong presence in the newly formed Australian and New Zealand Council of Dental Specialists and continue to lobby all regulatory bodies in the interests of our specialty.

I would like to finish by thanking the CEO, Michelle Cutler for her tireless efforts, all the ASO Staff, the Federal Councillors who have happily responded to my 50% increase in face to face meeting to help secure the future of our specialty and all our dedicated committee members.


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