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¿gheltonCollege Formerly The National Bible Institute Offers courses in Bible , English, Greek Philosophy, Semitic Languages and other fields in s u m m e r s c h o o l . INTER-SESSION May 21-June 29 • SUMMER SESSION First Term July 2-July 20 Second Term July 23-August 10 Write for details non . Address Registrar S h e l t o n C o l l e g e 340 W. 55th Street New York 19, N.Y.

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Letters from the saintly John Newton to his parishioners on a variety of practical and spiritual subjects. Dr. Alexander Whyte said, "1 keep John Newton on my choicest shelf of spiritual books.” $3.50. Purchase at your favorite religious bookstore or direct from K735 MOODY P R E S S 820 N. LASALLE STREET, CHICAGO 10, ILLINOIS


Veterans who have not already begun their training, must do so before next June (1951) or lose the G.I. benefits. ßuildlNo-ux


BROADWAY PLAN CHURCH FINANCE J. S. BRACEWELL Director 1408 Sterling Building Houston, Texas

Deputation Work in Chile 'CROM the Presbyterian Bible In' stitute in Chile comes a thrilling “ From San Carlos, the route led to Chilian where some 150 people attend­ ed the meeting and two more young people responded to the call.

account of the “end'of'term student and Faculty deputation trip” which covered over a thousand miles among churches and groups to the south. Dur­ ing the eight days of the trip, forty young people answered the invitation to consecrate themselves to the service of the Lord and His church. Sixteen en­ rolled as new students in the Bible In­ stitute. The missionary in charge writes: “ Some 50 or 60 people at San Car­ los crowded in to hear the message in testimony and song. After a hymn or two and prayer, the chorus sang ‘Vino Un Angel’ (An Angel Came). Then two of the students testified of their salvation; how the Lord led them to Bible School; and the blessings received there. During the program, all the stu­ dents had an opportunity to do likewise. That afternoon, four young girls an­ swered the invitation and a real prayer interest was raised in the school and its students.

“ After a Sunday afternoon meeting in Rancagua, the end and climax of the whole trip came in Santiago, the capitol. There after a splendid spirit-filled serv­ ice, fourteen young people expressed their earnest desire to surrender fully to the Lord that He might lead them into Christian service. Some young people from the English Anglican church at­ tended, and also answered the call.” The Independent Board was bom as a protest against rationalism, liberal­ ism and modernism, and is being used of God more widely than as just another missionary society. It is committed by its charter and by sincere conviction to the establishing and maintaining of “ truly Biblical missions” throughout the world.

Will you "hold the ropes" as these gospel missionary representatives of yours go down? Write for your monthly copy of "Biblical Missions’ and its thrilling missionary news direct to The General Secretary, Des^ P.

Please send ...„....Fav. No. 3 60c ea. V* ____Fav. No. 1 60c ea. ___Fav. No. 2 60c ea.

f o r P R E S B Y T E R I A N F O R E I G N M I S S I O N S

% Ihe Independent Board

151 Maplewood Avenue

Philadelphia 44, Pa., U.S. A.

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