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Specialised taps and fixtures for better health and safer communities.

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Safety in Design – Understanding the Challenges

Providing a safe and appealing environment in a mental health or behavioural-health facility has always been a design challenge.

Studies have shown that the optimal environment for patients of mental health facilities is one that mimics a homely environment. This concept is known as “normalisation”. Normalisation has since become more common than the traditional clinical environments of the past which focused on safety aspects rather than aesthetic and design aspects.

Where are the risks within a mental health facility, and what do these risks pose to patients and staff?

It remains a duty of care to ensure that patients are cared for and accommodated in the safest environment possible.

Statistics have demonstrated that the most frequent method of suicide is by hanging or strangulation; this method accounts for over half of deaths by suicide in Australia. The mental health sector has experienced a decline in staff numbers, due to burnout and safety issues. This raises concerns about the ongoing support and rehabilitation of mental health patients.

Bedrooms and bathrooms pose the most prominent risks. These private areas can also provide patients with ligature points and the ability for a patient to barricade themselves (with or without hostages) away from staff access and assistance.

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USED IN HALF (53%) OF ALL SUICIDE DEATHS. Australian Bureau of Statistics

What is the impact of mental illness? An estimated seven million Australians (45% of the population aged 16-85 years) will experience a mental disorder over their lifetime.

Mental disorders accounted for 13% of the total burden of disease in Australia in 2003 (Begg et al. 2007). Mental disorders were responsible for 718 deaths in 2008, excluding suicide and dementia, with most deaths due to substance abuse involving alcohol and heroin (ABS 2010). Mental illnesses were the leading cause of non-fatal burden of disease (24%), with most mental illness burden attributable to anxiety, depression, and alcohol abuse and personality disorders.

How many people are accessing mental health services? One-third of the population estimated to have a mental disorder accessed mental health services in 2007, predominantly through a general practitioner (GP) consultation (ABS 2009).

In addition, an estimated three million Australians (20% of the population aged 16-85 years) will experience symptoms of a mental disorder each year (DoHA 2009).

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How can mental health care facility design help? Most environmental psychologists agree that the physical In 2012, Ulrich, et al compared a number of chemical or physical

Mental health-facility design has a psychological impact on users and staff. Facility design impacts the beliefs, expectations, and perceptions patients have about themselves, the staff who care for them, the services they receive, and the larger health-care system in which those services are provided. Facility design can have a significant impact on the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours of staff and on how staff identify and interact with patients and the environment. Health-care design operates on both an architectural and interior design levels. The architectural level includes aspects of the external facility, which serves as a first introduction and impacts initial impressions and expectations. Architecture also includes the external grounds and the internal architectural environment, including the size, layout, and configuration of space. The interior design level includes furniture, flooring, wall colour, texture, trim, use of artwork, and other aesthetic features.

constraints used in two hospitals and showed that the presence of a bundle of design attributes can decrease patient aggression. These items included availability of private rooms, less crowding, movable furniture, better acoustics, nature window views, nature art, higher daylight exposure, home like design, and proximity and visibility of common spaces to the staff station. Li et al (2008) and Stewart, Ross, Watson, James, and Bowers (2011), among several other researchers, suggest that building fixtures such as handles, doors, fittings, pipes, curtains, showerheads, grab bars, plumbing, HVAC, and lighting be eliminated to reduce risk of self-harm. Dobrohotoff, and Llewellyn-Jones (2011) recommend high ceilings to hinder access to ceiling fixtures that can be used as anchor points for hanging. They also recommend collapsible curtain rails to reduce risk of hanging. Mental health-facility design is a critical component of patient care. The design of mental health facilities affects how services are provided and the efficiency with which care is delivered.

environment can reinforce and encourage appropriate behaviour (Gabb, Speicher, & Lodl, 1992). The physical environment can reduce the possibility of suicide by avoiding elements that might support hanging or self-injury.

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Our mission in mental health Galvin Specialised designs and supplies specialised commercial taps and fixtures for better health and safer communities.

The design of our products reflects a new vision and philosophy for mental health facilities that is rooted in hope, healing and recovery. Strong emphasis is placed on designs that incorporate home like, non-institutional, and patient-centred environments that imbue healing, familiarity, and a sense of being valued. Our design guide addresses each of these key components and provides guidance on creating normalised, warm, and welcoming settings and structures at each of these levels, based on available evidence and best practices.

Galvin Specialised’s unique range of products have been designed exclusively for mental health facilities, rehabilitation, and detention centres. Our range of bathroom at-risk-patient protection products have been carefully selected from leading international manufacturers or locally manufactured in Australia. The suite of products is recognised as the most effective and failsafe anti-ligature solutions available worldwide. Galvin Specialised is committed to providing market-leading products to suit every application. We exclusively design and distribute an extensive range of established products, and are able to modify, adapt, source or create a solution for your unique situation.

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GalvinCare ® Shower Controllers The GalvinCare ® range of shower control options are designed to provide comfortable and easy use, along with having vandal-resistant and anti-ligature features. Options range from manual hand operation with pre-set single temperature, through to thermostatically controlled operation. AS4032.1 Lic.WMK21989 SAI Global

The CP GalvinCare ® Anti Ligature Concealed Shower Controller (with manual activation) won the 2016 UK design in Mental Health Product Innovation award.

CliniMix ® Inwall Progressive Shower Mixer with GalvinCare ® Handle

+ + Water ow starts from cold, ensuring safe usage. + + Designed to provide stable mixed temperature with rapid shut down in the event of cold or hot water supply failure. + + Approved to: AS/NZS 4032.1:2005 and complies with AS/NZS 4032.4 + + Approved to WRAS and TMV3 + + Unique design concept eliminates the institutional look and provides anti-ligature features and vandal-resistant compliance + + Polished chrome-like finish provides a homely look, but is able to withstand heavy knocks

+ + Bevelled edges for maximum tight fixing + + Easy temperature blending and operation to ensure comfort and safety for the user

+ + Smooth curvature design allows for ease of cleaning with no areas for bacteria to gather, helping to maintain a clean hygienic environment. + + Options of electronic controllers include timed ow, ow restriction and lockout programs. We recommend Wallgate controllers. + + GalvinCare lever handle operates on/o temperature controls for straightforward operation.

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Designed for assisted-shower applications in behavioural/mental health facilities. This unique shower connector allows carers to bathe the patient with a hand-held shower, and once finished, the carer can simply disconnect the adaptor and hand-held shower. GalvinCare ® Accessible Shower Adaptors AS/NZS 3718 Lic.WMK0034 SAI Global

GalvinCare ® Anti-Ligature Wall Connection and Hand Shower and Hose

+ + Anti-ligature-designed hand-held shower adaptor, which allows for easy removal of the hand shower after use + + Durable chrome finishes for easy cleaning and a homely look + + Utilises a quick-connect fitting for a safe and reliable shut o and easy attach and release. If the hose assembly is detached prior to shutting, the supply of water ceases + + Can be adapted to existing hose and hand showers + + Simple installation, which is facilitated from the front of the wall

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Wallgate ® Toilet Pans

Lic 023109 AS 1172.1:2005 Australian Certification Services Pty Ltd

Our range of Wallgate ® WC pans are made of damage-resistant, high-grade, solid-surface material. We offer a wide selection of flush options for use in conjunction with our range of WC pans and urinals. These include mechanical, electronic and pneumatic activation.

+ + Concealed through-wall services and fixings + + Highly robust to prevent breakages + + WC pan made as one piece without joins to keep the environment hygienic + + Highly polished finish for ease of cleaning + + Easily renewable surface without a gel-coat layer + + Domestic appearance that helps normalise the environment + + Range of activation and control options available + + Anti-ligature design to reduce potential for self-harm + + Easily re-finished to retain appearance + + Long-lasting, proven 25 years+ product life + + Contrasting seat colours are available + + Disabled height and length compliant, to comply with disabled regulations + + Enables S or P trap wastes to be set up

Wallgate ® Anti-Ligature Solid Form WC Pan

*Refer to website for complete range and options

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Wallgate ® Basins

Lic 023196 AS/NZS 3718:2005 Australian Certification Services Pty Ltd

Our basins are made from highly robust solid-surface material, which provide a normal appearance however offer anti-ligature and anti-vandal properties. There are recessed, wall-mounted, corner-top and vanity- top options available. All can be coupled with basin-activation options combined with our outlets and powerful water management systems.

+ + Anti-ligature design + + Electronic or pneumatic activation + + Highly robust + + Seamless – made as one piece + + Highly polished finish for ease of cleaning + + Easily renewable surface without a gel coat layer + + Normalises the environment + + Range of control options available + + Concealed through-wall services and fixings + + Assists in the prevention of self-harm + + Retains appearance over long life + + Long lasting, proven 25 years+ product life + + Reduced operating costs

Wallgate ® Anti-Ligature Solid Form Wall Mounted Basin

*Refer to website for complete range and options

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Wallgate ® Accessories

Our solid-form accessories have been developed
to complement our sanitaryware products. The anti-ligature accessories range includes: mirrors, shelves, toilet-roll holders, grab rails and other washroom products.

+ + Anti-ligature design reduces the potential for self-harm + + Highly robust to prevent breakages + + Domestic appearance assists in normalising the environment + + High-grade, non-distorting, non-scratch polycarbonate that can be easily re-finished to retain appearance + + Secure wall fixings + + Solid-surface frame made as one piece without joins + + Highly polished finish for ease of cleaning + + Easily renewable surface without a gel-coat layer + + Long lasting, proven 25 years+ product life

Wallgate ® Anti-Ligature Solid Form Mirror

Wallgate ® Anti-Ligature Solid Form Toilet Roll Holder

Wallgate ® Anti-Ligature Solid Form Shelf

*Refer to website for complete range and options

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Wallgate ® Intelligent Water Controls

We provide a comprehensive range of electronic water management controls specifically developed for the secure healthcare environment. The range has been designed to assist with the management of the patient and the prevention of waterborne infection. The electronics can be networked to a central control point for remote operation or operate as independent devices. While our controls are designed to integrate seamlessly with out specialist range of sanitaryware, they can also be supplied as a standalone system to give the benefits of a well-managed control system when used with existing sanitaryware. We also offer a range of pneumatic or mechanical activation water controllers.

+ + Automatic timed flow + + Automatic lockouts + + Fully programmable locally or via network + + Operates up to 8 outlets + + Fully plug and play + + Low voltage, infrared or Piezo activation + + Hygiene and maintenance purging + + Remote water isolation + + Local or network capability + + Automatic data logging - all parameters + + Optional management of room lights and small power for total room management

Wallgate ® Two Room Electronic Controller Managing Water to the Rooms.

Wallgate ® Two Room Electronic Controller Managing Water, Lights and Power to the Rooms.

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Safe-Cell ® Shower Drains

ATS.5200.040 Lic.WMK 02448 SAI Global

The range of polished stainless-steel Safe-Cell ® Crocodile Roll Resistant oor drains have been designed to minimise the risk of suicide and prevent the concealment of contraband.

+ + Specially designed to minimise self harm using a technique called the Crocodile Roll + + Polished stainless-steel drains in a unique circular style with anti-ligature slot grate + + Unique inbuilt design features to reduce the hiding of contraband in the drain + + Maximum ow capabilities + + All gullies supplied with security screwdriver bit to release the anti-ligature grating for cleaning + + Suitable options available to be used with standard vinyl, epoxy, tile or concrete flooring.

Polished Stainless Steel SafeCell ® Crocodile Roll Resistant Vinyl Floor Drain

*Refer to website for complete range and options

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Galvin Specialised is committed to designing innovative products that provide optimal environments for patients and to working closely with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure a world class facility is delivered to the owner.

Recent Mental Health Projects

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital “We were very pleased with the amount of communication between Galvin Engineering and us, in relation to providing the correct product for the client.” Jenelle Lyons Architects (Design Architects) “We appreciated Galvin Engineering working with the plumber and offering insights about what would work best in the project to ensure that the client got what they needed.” Ben Hyde Wood & Grieve (Consulting Engineer) Albany Health Campus “We really enjoy working with Galvin Engineering because they are never hard to get a hold of, and are not afraid to come to site and assist us when we are having issues. They are also very happy to assist us when installing complicated products to ensure that we have a good understanding of the installation and fault-finding process. We are always happy to use their products on our projects.” Phil Woolhouse Cooke & Dowsett (Plumbing Contractor)

Sunshine Coast University Hospital “I would like to thank you personally and the Galvin Engineering team for the Support and Expertise that you have provided over numerous Health and School projects. The recently completed ‘Sunshine Coast University Hospital Mental Health Unit’ was a very demanding and challenging project with specialised product. The many hours spent by the Galvin team liaising with all stakeholders, providing design, product testing and assisting with installation information made the project the success it was. This again highlighted for me the commitment of the Galvin Engineering company to its customers and the industry. I look forward to working with the Galvin team in the future.” Michael Sheperd MASC (Plumbing Contractor)

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commercial taps + fixtures

We design and supply specialised commercial taps and fixtures for better health and safer communities.

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Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in compiling the information in this document, the designs, dimensions and products shown are indicative only and should not be relied upon without prior approval. Due to our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to alter any details of specifications or products without notice. All information, drawings, technical specifications and product designs remains the property of Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd.

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