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And Preparing for 2020 REFLECTING ON GROWTH

Financial planning has always been my calling. I cherish our relationships and am honored to lead you to your financial goals. As I have grown, this field has grown alongside me. With technological advances, new generations, and different goals, I have had to adjust and shift along with the sweeping waves of change.

up a lot of traction in 2019, and I’m excited to see how that continues into 2020. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed

It was no different in 2019. Here are just a few of the updates I’ve made.

• Instant Communication: You may have noticed — or will notice —more activity from us on your cell phone. That’s because Brybeck Financial now has a system to text appointment reminders and other basic updates to our clients. Anything we can do to make this process easier is a win in my book, and texting fits in with our fast-paced, busy lives. Don’t worry, you can still call us, too! • On Your Soundwaves: I dove into the world of podcasting this spring with my new show, “Navigating the Financial Seas.” In each episode, I share my expertise on financial planning with the help of interviewers who ask me questions. It may not be as exciting as your true crime or comedy podcast, but I’m very proud of how“Navigating the Financial Seas” has turned out. It’s another way for you to educate yourself on your financial plan and goals, and you don’t have to pause your busy life to do so. Tune in on Stitcher or Apple Podcasts! • In Your Inbox: Along with flexing my radio chops, I’ve been appearing on camera, too. I recently began dabbling with videos to send directly to your email inbox occasionally. These videos discuss topics like Medicare, elder care, and options for your parents, among other things. Just like I try to do with my podcasts, I want to offer my clients many ways to stay in touch and learn more about their financial outlook.

writing it. I’m currently in the process of writing a book on retirement and long-term planning, which

I’m collaborating on with another financial professional. I can’t wait to

get this material into your hands and share my expertise with you. We’re putting the finishing touches on this project, so you can expect it soon!

• Staying Connected: Lastly, you may not have seen the work I’ve done because I have been working on myself. I joined a peer study group in 2019, and every quarter we talk through goals, ideas, and systems we are using. I also went to a Triad Advisors LLC meeting where I expanded my knowledge of this field with the latest trends and ideas. It’s been a busy year with many changes and new ideas. I’ve learned so much, developed more ideas for success, and put exciting plans into place. After years in this field, I have witnessed many changes, but no matter what happens, the core values will remain the same. It’s about meeting face-to-face and figuring out how you can achieve your dreams. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings as we go through this financial journey together. —Brian Irving

• Keeping It Old School: Of course, the power of written words cannot be underestimated. Since its beginning last year, this newsletter has picked


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