Aulsbrook Law Firm - July 2020

JULY 2020


ONE STEP AT A TIME S ummer is officially here! Traditionally, we spend the Fourth of July holiday as a family on the lake, camping and going out on the boat. I’m looking forward to spending time with family again, as Alison and I have been socially distancing from our parents who are older and in the higher risk category for COVID-19. We don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. As I think about this month’s cover article, we are slowly coming out of the COVID-19 crisis and trying to figure out our next steps. Our team is all back in the office and things are starting to get back to something resembling normal. We still have a ways to go, but it is nice to get back into a routine. At the law firm, our primary focus is helping folks who have been injured in car wrecks. With fewer motorists on the road this past spring, and as many people sheltered in place, the number of car wrecks decreased. This is good news for motorists! But it also means we weren’t seeing as many people. Although we weren't seeing as many new clients over the past few months as we're used to, we were still settling cases for our existing clients and got a lot done. We are grateful we could continue to serve our clients during the pandemic without missing a beat. The wheels of justice also continued to spin during the shutdown, though in a different manner than many of us were used to. We had to move to Zoom depositions, mediations, and hearings. I’m actually hopeful that after the crisis is over, the courts will still conduct Zoom hearings, at least for those that will take about 10 minutes or less. It would certainly save time for all parties involved if we didn’t have to go to the courthouse for such a short hearing. Getting Back to Normal

I’m also excited that salons have finally reopened! This is particularly great news for me because I really need a haircut. On top of that, gyms have reopened. I was ready to get back to the gym the moment they said they could reopen. I’ve definitely missed it! Since the gym has been closed, however, I have been running to get in some daily physical activity. I’m up to 3 miles a day at a slow pace, about an 11-minute mile average. That’s a much slower pace than I kept a couple of decades ago. But I’m 40 now, and I suppose we have to accept what Father Time does to us, no matter how much we might not like it. But rather than complain about what we can’t control because of COVID-19, I encourage you to pivot and move in a different direction than you might have intended. Look for new paths and seek out the bright spots. You might be surprised as to what better things God has in store for you!

–Matt Aulsbrook 1



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