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3 Teeth Trends That Will Blow Your Mind How Far Will You Go to Make a Statement?

ears have earrings to accent them, teeth now have gems. It’s common to attach them with an adhesive, although some people go with the permanent route and have them drilled into the enamel. This trend offers a whole new twist on “investing in your smile.” TEETH SHARPENING Have you ever seen someone in public and wondered,“Is that person a vampire?”Odds are that person had their teeth sharpened. This new trend turns teeth from instruments for eating to sharp fashion statements. It doesn’t just apply to your canines, either — it’s not uncommon to sharpen the two front teeth into fangs. You might be surprised to hear that this isn’t a new trend. Vikings sharpened their teeth before heading off to battle in an effort to look more fearsome. Each of these alterations can make an impression on its own, so it might be best to avoid getting all three together. While snaggletooth vampires with bedazzled enamel sure would make a statement, it would probably create more problems than solutions. In fact, in order to encourage proper dental care and avoid long-term damage, it might be best to find another way to express your individuality altogether.

People are always looking for unique ways to show their individualism. Some people distinguish themselves by making statements with their bodies, but when those statements turn into trends, it can create a feeling of monotony. Many trailblazers are left with no choice but to push the boundaries beyond the norm. The results are sometimes revolutionary, sometimes downright weird. Here are three ways people use teeth to set themselves apart. YAEBA Many Americans invest in caps to eliminate pointy “snaggleteeth.” In Japan, however, some

people invest in orthodontic care to get snaggleteeth. This new trend sees many tweens and teens capping their canines to create “yaeba,” which translates to “double teeth.” It’s considered a sign of beauty and devilish charm. There’s even a teen pop band called TYB48 in which each member sports fang-like alterations. GEMS Tooth gems are making a comeback from the ‘90s. These aren’t full- blown grills of diamonds or gold, but simple jewelry additions. Just as


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