Liberty Inspections - January 2020

H ave you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like they just weren’t getting it? Did you feel frustrated or annoyed, wondering why you couldn’t get your point across? Have you ever walked away from an interaction with a stranger shaking your head and wondering what kind of person they are?

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The Power and Complexity of ‘Talking to Strangers’

In “Talking to Strangers,” author Malcolm Gladwell addresses this phenomenon and analyzes the ways in which we speak, approach, and act around one another. Using pivotal news events, such as the story of the individual who took down Bernie Madoff and the death of Sandra Bland while in police custody in Texas, Gladwell unravels the complexities of meeting new people and the potentially dangerous and deadly outcomes that can occur when we struggle to understand one another. It’s through his observations and deep research that readers develop a sense of empathy with their fellow humans. Gladwell’s work was an introspective process for me. It didn’t have as much to do with business and being an entrepreneur as much as it had to do with how I think and act toward


"I am a Realtor, and this was my first time working with Jeremy of Liberty Inspection Group. He did a thorough job and clearly explained everything to my buyer! Would recommend." –Kate M. "Many of my buyers have used Liberty Inspection Group during the past few years, and all have been very happy with the inspector, Chris Burns. Chris is highly experienced and knows his business very well." –Mahnaz N. "Adam did a great job explaining all the components of the home to my buyer and, as it was an older home, what needed to be watched in the future. A terrific experience and very educational for my buyer. I will highly recommend Adam for future inspections to any client." –Mark R.

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