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Winter 2020

t Liberty Inspection Group, we have a unique working environment. We have a handful of employees who work in our front office, handling administration and managerial work, and our inspectors work primarily out of their vans. We really only see our inspectors in the office when they have a break between inspections, need to check in, or during quality control ride alongs. While the system works, it also means we don’t get much valuable time with our entire team. Four times each year, the entire Liberty Inspection Group team gathers for a quarterly outing, organized by our very own Kim Krauss. We’ve done escape rooms. We’ve all grabbed lunch. We have done many exciting things as a group, and this past fall had to be one of the coolest gatherings we’ve had yet! This fall, our company toured the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Now, full disclosure, this was during Halloween season and the penitentiary was preparing for a haunted house in its historic halls. Instead, we took a tour during the day, and like the good inspectors we are, we weren’t so interested in who had been imprisoned there as we were with what built the penitentiary. If you can picture it, there was our tour guide rattling off about Al Capone and the other famous criminals who once called the penitentiary home, while our guys were lifting manhole covers and debating the specifics of the septic system that lined the penitentiary’s walls and pipe system. Our group did not do that. Each quarter, we try to make sure that happens.

... I think we all agree there is tremendous value in using this time to give back to others in our community.”

opportunities to help others in our community. Whether we’re folding clothes at a secondhand clothing store or stocking shelves at the local food bank, I think we all agree there is tremendous value in using this time to give back to others in our community. And, if anything, it could strengthen our bond even more. Of course, no matter what we’re doing, our team always finds a way to have fun! Personally, I believe these events are a big culture-building opportunity for my crew and me. Despite our distance and the gaps in the time between seeing one another, these events create a more cohesive group. I love the people I work with every day, and I enjoy having the opportunity to create lasting memories with colleagues. I truly value the work everyone in this company does. Without them, this company would not be possible.

Our group loved it. I think Kim really nailed the planning for this event once again! This year, as we look to plan other options for engagement and gathering, we’re hoping to add more

Besides, who else would inspect the pipes on a 190-year-old prison with me?

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