Fyzical Therapy Balance & Hand Centers December 2018

Supporting Our Community Giving Back to El Paso This Holiday Season


t’s hard to not be proud of my team members, because they continually amaze me. Their actions aren’t surprising, because I’ve always known they are great people. But recently, they reminded me why I’m so proud to have them working in my clinic. Earlier this year, a few of my team members approached me concerning the Christmas party. Usually, we have a nice dinner with some dancing and team member gifts. Everyone has a great time. But these team members wanted something else. In lieu of a Christmas party, this group was wondering if we could donate the money that would be designated for the party to a local charity or organization. They said they felt like they were blessed enough in their lives, and they wanted to help others instead. As a boss, I was amazed. This is an act of unbelievable nobility, and it was such a generous thing to even consider. How did I get so lucky? Together, we all decided to take this act of giving one step further. We are hoping to continue our involvement with this organization or charity throughout the next year. We already have the beginning of a plan for an event, too. We want to put a treadmill on the roof of our building and have local celebrities sign up to walk on it for a half-hour or so. We’d set up a GoFundMe page or something similar so people could donate money to the cause. It still needs to be fleshed out, but this would be a great way of combining our love for physical therapy with our love for the community. Now, I’m going to admit something that is hard for me to say: My wife and I are passionate about donating to charities. We often make these donations silently, but we’re most passionate about donating to veterans’ groups. Mary’s brother died in the Vietnam War, and patriotism is strong in her family. Her father flew his American flag until the day he died, and I’ve always been proud of having married into her family, especially after witnessing the hardships a military family goes through.

However, I hate talking about my donations. In my mind, donations and charity shouldn’t be bragged about. It feels ostentatious and taboo. We believe it should be something you do out of the kindness of your heart if you can, and sometimes bragging can shame others who may not have enough to give. But what my clinic and my team members are doing is different. Their actions deserve to be broadcasted, and we won’t be silent about the group we plan to work with. As I write this, we are still in the selection process. But once we choose who we would like to work with, you’ll be hearing a lot more about them. We want to broadcast their mission and make more people aware of the work being done. What’s more, they’re exemplifying the work we do every day at the clinic. We want to help people, and we strive every day to make lives better. I hope you’ll take some inspiration from my team members and take time this holiday season to help your neighbors in the El Paso community. You don’t have to do much or even tell anyone about it, but it will make all the difference.

–Louis Zuniga

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