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A Look to the Future L E SSONS I N L AS E RS AND ST EM CE L L S

“I view technology as one of the best resources to help patients hold onto hope and look to the future.”

We live in a system that benefits from patients not getting better. Pharmaceutical companies make way more money treating chronic conditions again and again than they would if they just cured those conditions the first time. It’s up to doctors and patients to look past the status quo and search for ways to improve our health and get better. In June, that’s exactly what I did when I flew out to Germany to attend the 14th annual International ISLA Conference on Medical Laser Applications.

This was my first time visiting Germany, so I was pretty excited to explore a new country, but I was even more excited to see the new ways doctors in Europe are getting better results in the fields of laser and stem cell treatment. Technology is one of our greatest assets. Everything that is possible today was once impossible until someone figured out how to do it thanks to technology. I view technology as one of the best resources to help patients hold onto hope and look to the future. One thing I try to teach my son, Connor, is the value of looking forward. When he makes a mistake or has a hard time with something, he sometimes wants to dwell on it, but I try to help him forget about it and look to the future: “That didn’t work out well, but it’s okay. How will you do better next time?” When you’re stuck in the past, always looking backward, you can’t move on with your life. You’ll never get past your problems and reach a better place. When my patients struggle with nerve pain, they can have a hard time looking forward. I can’t say I blame them. Pain is something that can keep you trapped in the past, unable to see a possible future without it. As a doctor, it’s my job to help patients move forward and carry on the hope that things will get better. To do

that, it means I have to do things differently. I can’t just look to the future — I have to go out there and find it.

I went to Germany eager to learn more about the area of stem cells. I like to be in the vanguard of the industry, seeing how far we can push our boundaries to make exciting new breakthroughs. At the conference, I looked at everything these doctors were doing and asked, “How would I make it better?” Could we take this stem cell technology and combine it with other things that will make the healing process faster and more effective? Maybe. We’ll never know until we try, and that’s really exciting. I’m not the only doctor out there trying to do things better. It was great to meet men and women from around the world dedicated to looking toward to future. I want to be out there on the forefront of technology and innovation, bringing the future to us. Because when I am successful, it means my patients, free from pain, can look to the future, too.

–Dr. Bao Tha i

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If you’re young at heart and looking to stay (or get) in shape this summer, consider taking a trip to the mall. No, not to pick up some hot new exercise product or dietary

bathrooms, cool drinking water, and plenty of benches, the mall lets you focus on exercising and removes all of the “what ifs” that come with aging. Most malls are also outfitted with EMT kits in the event of a medical emergency. Squeeze in Some Shopping It is still a mall, after all. Why not check a few items off your shopping list or reward yourself with a new pair of sneakers? Getting things done as you exercise makes the experience that much more rewarding. Just remember not to overdo it. Carrying too many shopping bags can place undue stress on your back — and your wallet. You Won’t Be Alone Today, malls are the second-most popular places to walk in America, after neighborhoods. Mall walking has become so big that many communities and senior living centers have put together official groups to stride together. Your local mall may already open early to accommodate walkers. So if you’re looking to make friends in an active, fun-loving community, do some research. Chances are there’s a mall-walking club near you!

supplement, but to walk a few laps. Safe and convenient, “mall walking” has become one of the

biggest trends in senior fitness.

Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter This time of year, heatstroke can be a real concern when exercising outside. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a homebody. Because malls are spacious and climate-controlled, they make great year-round walking venues, especially when summer temperatures spike. You don’t even need to put on sunscreen! Rest Stops Abound While the average American shopping center isn’t as scenic as the Appalachian Trail, they are far more convenient. Replete with

Our Patients Say it Best

“I was in a terrible accident in December of 2016 where I broke my femur and hip. A series of surgeries went wrong, resulting in drop foot and

the inability to feel my right leg up to the knee. Additionally, the hip joint replacement kept popping out resulting in multiple trips to the E.R. At this point nobody thought I would ever be able to walk again.

“My life has always been very active and I was very determined to get my body back together. When I saw Dr. Thai on GMT I decided to go check it out.The therapy has helped the nerves in my leg and now I can feel it again. “I go to a social group once a month in my hometown. After my accident I missed several meetings then showed up in a wheelchair. I eventually started using a walker and then a cane. Finally I walked in on my own and about 30 of my friends all stood up and clapped. I was so surprised! “I am so grateful for Advanced Nerve and Laser Center. All the staff are very personable and helpful and everyone calls you by name. They make me feel so special and this is great because I do much better in a positive atmosphere. Thank you Dr. Thai and Dr. Buckley.” -Adair

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H I NT: I T ’ S NOT THE MONEY Why We Are Thankful for Referrals

Everyone has a reputation. The things you do and the choices you make have a lasting impact on the world around you. This applies even to businesses, and at Advanced Nerve and Laser, we strive to maintain an impeccable reputation. We gauge our reputation based on what our patients say to us. This is one reason we are so excited to get your referral — it’s a sign of a positive reputation. Here are a few other reasons we value every referral. Food on the Table We are fortunate to operate a business that empowers us to help so many people while simultaneously taking care of our families. Every referral we get, whether it’s from a close family member or someone you met at your grandson’s graduation, impacts what we earn. Taking care of people is at the heart of what we do, but referrals do more than grow our client base — they also help us provide for our families and our futures. Proof of a Job Well-Done At Advanced Nerve and Laser, we are incredibly fortunate to work with some amazing patients. Every day, we meet people who have been told there’s no hope, but they refused to give up. They believed in a future without pain, and that’s what brought

them through our front door. Nothing makes us prouder than being able to help these patients reach that pain-free future. The best sign of our success is when a patient is so satisfied with our service that they recommend our care to someone else. A Sign of Trust Would you tell a loved one to go to a restaurant that gave you food poisoning? Or recommend a dogsitter who lost your dog? People only recommend businesses they trust. When patients recommend our services to someone they know, it doesn’t just mean they are satisfied with the service they received; it’s a sign that they believe in us to treat their loved ones right. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We are so grateful for every patient who has supported us over the years and to those who trust us enough to let us care for their loved ones. This month, we want to thank these patients for their valuable referrals:



Inspired by Food & Wine magazine

This simple, delicious salad is the perfect summer refresher. In under 30 minutes, you’ll have a dish that will inspire rave reviews at your next summer cookout.


8 cups seedless watermelon, cut into 1-inch cubes

1 pinch of cayenne pepper

1/2 cup mint leaves, torn

Salt to taste

1/4 cup fresh lime juice



2. Gently fold in mint leaves.

In a large mixing or salad bowl, toss watermelon with lime juice and cayenne pepper.

3. Sprinkle with salt and serve.

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Finding the Future In Germany

The Benefits of Mall Walking Our Patients Say It Best



Thank You! Watermelon Salad


Does Ice Cream Make You Scream?

Don’t Let Sensi t ive Teeth Ruin Summer Snacks THE THAI REPORT:

nitrate, which blocks the pain signals in your teeth. Ask your dentist how sensitivity toothpastes might be able to help you.

Dental and oral health advice from Dr. Bao Thai’s other half at Swisher Dental.

I may be a dentist, but I am never going to tell someone to not enjoy a sweet ice cream cone on a hot summer day! However, I know many people who are not able to enjoy their favorite ice cream anymore — not because of dental guilt, but because of dental pain. The sharp, sudden pain of sensitive teeth is a surefire way to ruin a meal. It’s not just cold ice cream that can be a problem. Hot foods, like soup or coffee, can also irritate sensitive teeth. If you have to plan your menu around sensitive teeth, here are three questions you need to ask. Are you in need of a new toothbrush? Overbrushing your teeth can be just as damaging as not brushing at all. If you brush too hard or use a toothbrush with rough bristles, you will wear away your enamel. Consider switching to a toothbrush with soft bristles and be gentle when brushing. Have you tried a new toothpaste? There are many special toothpastes that can help with the pain of sensitive teeth. They contain an ingredient called potassium

Do you need sensitivity treatment? In some cases, tooth sensitivity is caused by recessive gums exposing the

root of a tooth or abfractions in a tooth. Sensitivity treatments can be used to address the problem areas directly. At my office, I use fluoride to seal damaged areas and prevent future pain. While not permanent, a single sensitivity treatment can last the whole summer! This summer, I want to help patients enjoy their favorite treats without sensitive teeth getting in the way. At Swisher Dental, we’re offering 50 percent off sensitivity treatments from now through the end of July. Call 940-312-6939 to learn how your next scoop of ice cream can be pain-free! –Dr. Suzanne Thai

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