me deal after deal. With my very analytical engineering background, I over-analyzed every one of them. It was

five-year-old Hyundai Excel with my own money. It was a life-changing experience that instilled goal-setting and work ethic in me that lives to this day,” Johnson said. For the first 15 years of his real

“I am a Law & Order SVU junkie. And, I can’t wait for Season 4 of Ozark (fingers crossed)!” TV SHOW

paralysis by analysis. I couldn’t get out of my own way. It took me 18 months to finally pull the trigger to do the first deal,” Johnson said. The partnership didn’t happen; instead, Johnson hired Shawn to be his mentor. Now, years later, Johnson’s preference when it comes to his REI business is help- ing others. He teaches his clients how to build marketing funnels to find deals. “I also enjoy the process of deal engi- neering and creative deal structuring to find win-win solutions for buyers and sellers,” he said. “The thrill of negotiating a deal will never get old. It serves a competitive drive I have. I prefer holds with creative financing.” He tells beginning investors to focus on the process of building a business and not solely focus on chasing deals. “The best thing to do is to leverage proven resources and systems of trusted partners and mentors to shorten the learn- ing curve to build your business. Success is in the process,” he said. Johnson’s own business success could stem from his first job, and the work ethic he gained from the process. “My first official job with a paycheck was at Carvel Ice Cream parlor. I was so proud of myself because I convinced the store manager to hire me at 14 years old. I need- ed a special work permit to get the job. My hourly rate was a whopping $2.85/hr. I had a two-year plan to save and buy a car when I turned 16. Two years later, I bought a

estate investing journey, Johnson’s pur- pose was family-driven, but as most suc- cessful business owners would say, their “WHY” evolves over time. “My WHY was to maintain control of my time so that I could be free to be around my kids as much as possible. Now that my kids are grown women, my why has shifted and it is now to help new and experienced in- vestors to start and grow their businesses.” Just as his WHY evolved, so has his investing strategy. With the goal to have diversified income streams leading to a scalable business, he has worked over the past few years to create multiple streams of income, specifically around software as opposed to information-only based ser- vices. But it’s not all work and no play for Andre Johnson. He makes time for inspira- tion and relaxation. “I find myself getting some of my best ideas on long walks with my thought part- ner and girlfriend Dawn. I think it is good to relax and recharge on long weekend getaways to reset and gain new perspec- tive on life and business. The Caribbean is always a favorite destination,” he said. Pictured below, the duo relax on their travels to Greece. And no matter his mood, “timewith friends always leads to good times and laughter.”

FOOD “Dessert! I choose pie over cake every day — and twice on Sundays and holidays! My guilty pleasure is Key Lime pie – Yum!”

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