It is ultimately our responsibility to at least lay eyes onwhat is being done to make sure the projects stay on track.

was framed out. There would have been no wall for the bed because the other two walls had windows and the third wall was directly in front of the doorway and it wouldn’t leave any room for nightstands or a queen bed. I sketched changes showing the closet on the other smaller wall so when you walked into the bedroom you were not walking right into a bed. Had I not done this, the market- ability of the home when it went on the market would have been severely compromised. I walked the house, had my hus- band video the changes I proposed, and sent it to my friend with my hand-scribbled sketches. Fortunate- ly, the interior was only framed, and these were easy corrections. Had the renovation been further along, it would have been a larger change

order and more expensive to correct. I share this story to remind you that as investors, although we rely on our power teams, it is ultimately our responsibility to at least lay eyes on what is being done to make sure the projects stay on track. We need to have the final stamp of approval and pay attention to what our team is doing. Also, do not feel you can’t re- design original plans because often the little bit of extra time in reconfig - uration could lead to a lot of profit - ability and more selling points. •


investor friend and told him I was holding the plans in my hand, and that it was critical that the kitchen be reconfigured because there was almost no counter space. I took inventory of the space and proceeded to sketch a new kitchen layout. I got rid of the laundry closet jut out that was in the way and had them make the laundry closet a linen closet, bringing a wall flush with what was the kitchen wall where the cabinets were. That added more than five extra feet of cabinet and counter space on the original wall and gave them the ability to make the penin- sula a bit longer as well. Then, the refrigerator moved to the opposite wall where there was a perfect niche for it, which created space for the sink as opposed to it being in the peninsula. These changes made the layout more functional while adding more storage space for the buyer. I also moved a wall that led to the backyard about three feet so that it was now in line with the wall that formed the side of the pantry and master bath. Doing this gave the home enough room to create a mud room/laundry room area which in turn created more storage where someone could add shelving above the washer and dryer. There’s now also the bonus of a linen closet that would have had the washer and dry- er, which would have been stackable. The flow of the master bedroom also didn’t make sense the way it

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