MAKE MONEY LIKE A BANK. EQU I TY&HELP ALLOWS YOU TO MAKE MONEY L I KE A BANK WHI LE HELP ING AMER I CAN FAMI L I ES IN THE PROCESS . WI LL YOUR CURRENT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT F I RM GET YOU THE HI GHEST RETURN? By going the pass i ve investment route wi th Equi t y&He lp, you ' l l earn a hi gher return on your rea l estate investment . . . and wi thout a l l of the respons ibi l i t y that comes wi th be ing a l andlord. What sets us apar t f rom other rea l estate investment f i rms i s your return i s at an 8% to 12% Cap Rate based on your purchase of proper t y at 40% to 60% under ARV. Thi s a l lows you to be the bank (and make money l i ke one) whi l e pl ac ing a hard-work ing Amer i can fami l y in a home . Our reputat ion as a f i rm that g i ves back i sn ' t the onl y factor that sets us apar t f rom the others : Af ter a l l , E&H was l i sted as #128 in the Inc . 500 in 2019. Choose a company that g i ves back to the i r communi t y whi l e get t ing you the hi ghest return.

Choose Equi t y&He lp.

2 | think realty magazine :: july 2020

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