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C over your investment proper- ties with top carriers in any stage of occupancy (tenant-oc- cupied, vacant, rehab) across all 50 states. Think Realty Supplier National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG) has an un - matched program that allows you to insure all your properties on one schedule, with an online portal and helpful client service representative to help you add and delete properties as your portfolio changes. In 2020, NREIG expanded its In- surance Program to accommo- date for residential dwellings up to 20 units and provide new offerings for New Construction projects. NREIG is committed to guiding you through the insurance process and deliv- ering custom coverage options to meet your unique needs, whether you own one property or hundreds. Other coverages available with NREIG: • Earth Movement Coverage • Flood Coverage • Tenant Protector Plan (an alternative to Renters’ Insurance with additional protection for you, the landlord) • Landlord Rent Default Insurance • Cyber Liability Insurance

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utomate. Outsource. Scale. This business-building lingo is all

time trying on their own to find and hire the right virtual assistant. Pre-trained, dedicated, and custom placed virtual assistants can com- plete almost any task an in-office hire could complete by phone or computer. Commonly placed services are cold calling, follow up calling, following up on offers to sellers, skip tracing, list management, contractor bid sched- uling, tenant calls, contract-to-close coordination, social media marketing, content creation, property marketing, virtual networking, bookkeeping, and more. “We are excited to announce RE- VAGlobal’s sponsorship of the weekly spin on the traditional podcast called, Friday Coffee Break Unfiltered,” Ransdell said. The LIVE recorded podcast is host- ed by Lachance, Ransdell, and their friend and Mastermind Coach Patrick Precourt. They all share a passion for empowering entrepreneurs and real estate professionals and invite you to join the LIVE broadcast each Friday at 10 a.m. EST for “edgy and helpful entrepreneurial content.” • Think Realty members receive 50 percent off the REVAGlobal placement fee.


the rage, but savvy investors do these things, usually with the help from vir- tual assistants. Think Realty Supplier REVAGlobal provides outsourcing solutions utilizing virtual assistants. Founded in 2016 by CEO Bob Lachance, REVAGlobal is currently the solution for many of the coun- try’s leading real estate brokers and agents, real estate investors, property management companies, real estate coaching programs, and real estate software providers. “The team here specializes in help- ing business owners identify opera- tional bottlenecks in their businesses as well as the areas in which they can automate and outsource freeing them to achieve scale, efficiency, and time-freedom,” said Amy Ransdell, CMO at REVAGlobal. Hiring Virtual Assistants means efficiency and savings for business owners. On average a virtual assis- tant will mean at a minimum 37-40 percent savings over the cost of an in-office hire. By working with REVA - Global’s unique placement process, business owners additionally save

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