by Robert Syfert,

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But I not only survived, I learned to thrive in the uncomfortable. Here are a fewways i learned to embrace the uncomfortable:

status by making it a continued daily habit to step outside their comfort zones. Instead of getting comfortable, they push limits, embrace change, accept fear, and continually grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing change might excite you, terrify you, or a little of both. And honestly, I get it. I really do. I spent nearly two decades avoiding change until I was so uncomfortable that I had nothing else to lose but to take that first daunting step into the unknown. Do you know what happened after that first step? There was another step to take, then another, and another. In fact, I’m still getting my steps in daily. But it took me close to 20-years and multiple hard lessons to learn that the true magic happens when we become uncomfortable. IT’S TIME TO GET COMFORABLEWITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Not to brag, but I’m kind of an expert in this… You name it, I’ve been through it or similar. Made money, lost money. Avoided my dream of real estate until things got so uncomfortable I had to jump. By uncomfortable I mean living below the poverty line, caring for a spouse with significant health battles, close to bankrupt, drowning in medical bills, facing eviction, living on Medicaid and food stamps, the list goes on… For days…

Get the uncomfortable tasks out of the way first each day—or week. If you dread cold calling, make those calls early in the day. Uncomfortable equals potential!

Find the right mentor who challenges you. Don’t settle on this! You can have multiple mentors, but you need at least one who will tell you the hard stuff. Uncomfortable feedback yields personal growth! Never lunch alone and lunch outside your usual group. Plan one lunch each week to meet with a new contact. Four new contacts a month can result in lots of new real estate investment deals annually!

Do something new that makes you uncomfortable every day. Create a comfort zone play book and record your progress as you tackle the uncomfortable!

It wasn’t until I got launched out of my comfort zone by life itself, that I finally pursued my lifelong dream. The same dream that saved my family from the clutches of eviction and food stamps a few years ago, and allows us to live our lives to the fullest today. I share this not to boast, but to encourage each one of you to tear down the walls of your comfort zone, and get uncomfortable… Actually, get super uncomfortable! Don’t put it off. Do it today. Right now! Because if I can get from there all the way to here by embracing the discomfort for a while, that means that you can too!

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