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dreams. Through the Think Realty Supplier Program, companies like Sherwin- Williams, Home Depot Pro, TaskEasy, and others pass services and savings on to Think Realty members. Read how on page 16. Also in this issue, Presidents’

hat do you want? Goal- seekers, entrepreneurs,

and driven individuals ask themselves this question and are always on the quest for the answer. Oftentimes, the answer changes along our journey. But that is one of the many blessings of life

Circle member Andre Johnson shares how he found what he wanted

and business – we have the power to make changes that suit our goals. We have the power to design the life we want. And what better way to do that, savvy investors, than through real estate? Whether you want to make more money, have more time, travel the world, manage a conglomerate, educate and inspire others, own thousands of properties, or help rebuild communities, real estate is one proven avenue to get you all of these things, and more. This issue is all about how design plays a role in the life we desire. Our cover story highlights Think Realty Suppliers and how discounts from these Think Realty partners can put more money in your pocket and can help you design properties that fulfill

through the power of REI. Read his story of transitioning from chemical engineer to “Deal Engineer” on page 10. And build-to-rent expert Bruce McNeilage addresses financing fears and the upside of the single-family rental market (page 64). Also, be sure to check out our new section called Going Vertical on page 72 where McNeilage gives insight on how not to let the “new normal” slow you down. That’s just a hint of what’s inside this issue of Think Realty Magazine . Think Realty is here to provide real estate education that can help you design the life you desire. So, what are you waiting for? Find out what you want and how you can get it by investing in real estate. •

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