Other Selling Tips for OpenHouses

Play Music Showings should feel fun and inviting! Play music that flows well with the house to help fully immerse visitors to a welcoming environment rather than a quiet, awkward one. An Empty Flyer Box By taking flyers away from the flyer box, people will be more motivated to come inside and be more

likely to assume there is a lot of

interest in the home, which will spike their own interest.

De-Clutter Make sure debris is cleared from

counters, toilet seats are down, sinks are cleaned, trashcans are empty, and clothes are put away. Use Books Books are an easy prop to create a homey, sophisticated look plus they add a pop of color.

Window Treatments

Stage All Rooms Create a more livable and complete appearance enhancing your chances of the house selling faster and for a higher price by staging more than just the living room. Try adding a queen bed in an empty master to help buyers envision if their own bed will fit the room.

Softens the room by adding warmth and comfort. Take window screens off to create a clean look and to bring in more natural lighting.

An Inviting Scent Candles can be a hazard but it’s important to make the home smell nice in other ways: diffuse essential oils, brew a pot of coffee, or set out freshly baked cookies.

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