what you want to? Once you achieve financial free - dom, you can choose to work to build greater wealth, create a legacy foundation, start a new business, do volunteer work, travel the world, spend time with family, care for aging parents, etc. You get to decide! And your retirement will not be a downgrade in lifestyle! DESIRE- THE FINANCIAL FREEDOM STARTING POINT As with any goal in life that you attain, you must have DESIRE for the goal in order to pursue it successful- ly. Successful athletes desire to com- pete and WIN. They cultivate their desire then mentally and physically train for success and winning. The same goes for attaining financial freedom. It’s not a matter of what you have, but of your level of desire and what you DO with what you have. If your monthly needs are small, it is even faster and easier to attain the goal. Start where you are. • ©2020 Nationwide Publishing Trust - All rights reserved. Gene Powers is President and Founder of Nationwide Secured Capital, a brokerage and investment company that purchases private loans secured by real estate for its own portfolios and numerous private investors and funds. Nationwide provides cash out and recapitalization options to those receiving payments on first position private loans. This includes real estate investors/property owners who provided owner financing on properties sold. Call (800) 853-0573 or go to www.NationwideSecuredCapital. com for offers. This article series outlines the 7 foundational STEPS that Gene and his wife learned in their journey. They now travel extensively while co-authoring a book further detailing these key steps in their journey to Financial Freedom. Email FFReadMore@CPFFCorp. com for more on this topic.

Passive income is your money working for you while you sleep, play, and do what you want to do.

(cashflow coming in, not you making the income) to pay for your DESIRED LIFESTYLE without having to work ever again! When you have a job and work, you get paid; when you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Even if you are self-employed and own your busi- ness making six or seven figures, your income won’t keep flowing when you don’t show up to work the business UNLESS you have orga- nized and built your business to run without you. Passive income happens even when you don’t work. Passive income is your money working for you while you sleep, play, and do what you WANT to do. Your money is making monthly income whether you work or

not, and the day your passive income becomes enough to pay all your monthly bills and taxes, you have reached the basic level of financial freedom. When you go on to build enough passive income from investments to fully live your desired lifestyle, you have achieved ultimate FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Clearly, even with ultimate finan - cial freedom, you have the freedom to work if you want to work. Most of us don’t really want a life with no work at all because work gives meaning and significance to our time on the planet. However, can you imagine what a game-changing experience it is to choose to work, only when you want to and only on

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