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Ben Fu for Tulsa County District Attorney I have known Ben for over 9 years and recently met with him to discuss how he will make the Tulsa DA’s office better. After our meeting, I made a donation to his campaign because I believe he can fix that broken office. Ben has a plan — a real, workable plan that I believe will improve Tulsa County. The current DA, despite his statements during election season, believes in convictions and prison for everyone. There is currently an absence of judgement and common sense in the office. As a line prosecutor and team supervisor, Ben handled all types of cases, from juvenile division to robberies and murders. In 2015, Ben founded and became the first director of the Special Victims Unit, where he developed a team of prosecutors specializing in sex crimes and domestic murders. During his eight years at the DA’s office, Ben tried over 50 felony jury trials to verdict. Ben left the DA’s office last year. Since then, he has been running his own practice here in Tulsa. However, Ben is a prosecutor at heart and that is where his passion lies. Ben has watched record- setting murder rates and headlines proclaiming Tulsa as one of the 10 most violent cities in the U.S. under the current DA. Ben realized that there must be a change at the DA’s office. The district attorney’s office is plagued with underfunding and record turnover. Ben sees an office that lost the trust of the police and the community as well as an administration that is out of ideas. Ben promises to restore the damaged relationship between the District Attorney’s Office and our police, and he has a plan to do it. I am voting for Ben, and I ask you to join me on election day. Don’t worry: If I am wrong, it can’t get any worse than it is now. I’m voting for the guy with a plan, vision, and ideas. Ben has a plan to fix the office. The current DA will tell you everything is fine. It’s not. It’s broken and must be fixed.

Honorable Clifford Smith for Associate District Judge We are proud to endorse Judge Cliff Smith for Associate District Judge. Judge Smith has served almost 20 years on the bench as a Special Judge and is now running for Associate District Judge in Tulsa County District 14. Judge Smith’s experience, judgement, professionalism, knowledge, and judicial temperament are much needed within the ranks of Tulsa’s District Judges. I have appeared before Judge Smith hundreds of times as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. I can say without hesitation or reservation he is one of the finest judges I have practiced in front of over the past 17–18 years. Judge Cliff Smith is worthy of your vote, and Tulsa County will be a better place with him as a District Judge. I ask you to join us at the Berlin Law Firm and Judge Smith’s thousands of fans and supporters, and vote for Judge Smith on June 26, 2018. Cliff Smith is a native Tulsan and graduate of David Webster High School, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Kansas. Judge Smith lives in Jenks, Oklahoma with his wife, Christy, where they are avid plantsmen, OU football fans, and anglers. In addition to Judge Smith’s service on the bench in two separate counties, he has also served as an Assistant District Attorney in Tulsa and Okmulgee counties along with serving as an indigent defense attorney in Okmulgee. Judge Smith not only has the time on the bench, but he has significant time on both sides of the aisle in the trenches. In my opinion, judicial temperament is the most important quality of a great Judge. You can be a brilliant lawyer and judge, but if you lack the judicial temperament for the job, none of it matters. Decisiveness, compassion, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias, and commitment to equal justice are on display daily with Judge Smith. The citizens of Tulsa County deserve more people like Judge Smith. I vote we give him more responsibility and influence and the opportunity to show others in a similar position of authority what right looks like.

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