2019 END OF YEAR Report

Williston Fire Department END OF YEAR REPORT 2019

1889 to 2019

130 Years of service to the community.

Williston Fire Department 2019

Williston Fire Department CHIEF ’ S MESSAGE

The Williston Fire Department (WFD) celebrated its 130th anniversary this year. Since 1889 the department has been dedicated to serving the community. Many things have changed since then but your firefighters con- tinue the tradition of selfless service. As the city continues to change, our department and our service will continue to adapt to effectively meet the challenges and demands of our community. We continue to work to reduce response times, train, and plan to respond and successfully manage both man - made and natural disasters. Our teams are prepared, and have acquired the latest technologies and training to protect our citizens from the unthinkable occurrences that our community could potentially endure. As you will see in the report it was another busy year not only in responses but in training, prevention, and com- munity service. I am honored to present the 2019 annual report which illustrates our commitment to the citizens of our com- munity.

Fire Chief

Jason L. Catrambone

Williston Fire Department 2019

Williston Fire Department CALL VOLUME









Williston Fire Department EMS CALLS FOR SERVICE

This past year the City of Williston Ambulance Ser- vice responded to 3311 calls within our service area and transported a total of 2437 patients. This past year we have purchased two new ambulances, six cardiac monitors and 2 new ventilators for critical care transports. Monthly CPR classes taught at Fire Station #2 and we have concluded 40 classes taught with 229 peo- ple trained in CPR. Child seat inspections are also a huge factor of what we offer free to the public. Wil- liston Fire Department has also taught classes like EMT - B, AEMT, TCCC along with a variety of con- tinuing education programs, our professional staff is extremely dedicated and capable to serve the citi- zens of the area. I would also like to recognize three of our employ- ees who were awarded the Medal of Valor and one Purple Heart. We are honored to have you all as part of our family. Thank You to Chris Dick, Taylor Bosley and Hasan Abdul Jabbar for going above and beyond the call of duty. Williston Fire Depart- ment Ambulance Service is proud of our accom- plishments and look forward to serving you. We will continue working to provide the highest quality of emergency ambulance care to all of the citizens we serve. BC RJ Benth

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES 2018 2019 Patients Treated – 2215 2437

Transfers –



Trauma –



Psychiatric –



Cardiac –



Overdose –






2019 Major EMS Call Types

Calls for serivice Treated and transported Transfers Trauma calls Psychiatric Cardiac Overdose Respiratory

Williston Fire Department FIRE CALLS FOR SERVICE


Alarm [Smoke, Carbon, Sprinkler etc.] – 360

Motor Vehicle Collision – 437

Fire [Building, Storage, Outside, Vehicle etc.] – 97

Good Intent Call [Smoke, Investigation, Malfunction etc.] – 112

Service Call [Leaks, Electrical, Wires etc.] – 105

Hazardous Condition [Chemical, Oil, Toxins etc.] – 88

Special Incident Type [S.O.R.T., Standby etc.] – 22

Overpressure [Rupture, Explosion, Overheat etc.] - 5

Williston Fire Department FIRE/EMS CALLS FOR SERVICE

Williston Fire Department 2019

Williston Fire Department TRAINING DIVISION


Fire & Rescue: 21,441 hours

Classes Taught: 3801

Instructor Hours: 9437 hours



Firefighter I


Firefighter II


Fire Instructor I


Fire Officer I


Fire Inspector I


Fire Instructor II


Fire Officer II


Fire Inspector II


Fire Officer III


Fire Officer IV


Incident Safety Officer


Williston Driver Operator


Airport Firefighter


Ropes I and II




Hazmat Tech


EMT Basic


EMT Advanced


Managing Officer Program FEMA Acceptance


Williston Fire Department TRAINING DIVISION

Williston Fire Department 2019

Williston Fire Department Office of Prevention and Investigation

Quick Stats Inspections: 972 Plan Reviews: 48 Fire Pre - Plans: 121 Fire Investigations: 28 Registered Tier 2 / Bulk Storage Sites: 99 Pub. Ed. Hours: 420+ Classroom Visits: 28hrs

Foreword from the Fire Marshal

During the 2019 year, the Inspections Division continued to work on the following activities:

The Division continued to work toward the implementation of our fire inspection program, with the goal of annual inspections of all inspectable buildings within our district. Although we did not meet 100% compliance, we were able to complete 935 annual inspections and 47 new construction inspections. This totals 982 different buildings the Inspections Division entered and inspected. (874 Annual and New Construction inspections were completed in 2018). We continued to work with Emergency Management and City Officials to identify all SDS reporting facilities. This consisted of identifying all MSDS, Hazardous Materials storage locations of 100 pounds or greater and Hazardous Materials (flammable, combustible, toxic and corrosive) storage locations of 60 gallons or greater. This year, storage sites increased to 122 from 99 in 2018.

The Fire Department continued toward a consistent fire safety and relations message, ensuring staff were available to the public at multiple events throughout the year.

Alcohol License Inspections for this season were 100% complete.

The Division also coordinated and assisted with educational events within the community, allowing our department and educational message to be available to the community. In 2019, the department completed 261.5 hours of public education/public relations activities.

Community Risk Reduction Plan

Progress in 2019

STEP 1: Identify Community Risks

STEP 2: Prioritize Risks

STEP 3: Develop Strategies & Tactics

STEP 4: Prepare the Plan

STEP 5: Implement the Plan

STEP 6: Monitor, Evaluate, and Modify the Plan


During 2018, the depart- ment went from Step 5 to Step 6.

Alarm System Test - 1

Annual Inspections - 935

• Assembly Occupancy Inspection - 1 Complaint - 10

Courtesy - 47

Fire Protection System - 26

Fire Pump Annual/Acceptance - 1

Follow - Up - 45

Hazardous Use Permit - 1

Hood and Duct - 2

New Addition or Remodel - 11

New Construction - 47

Plan Review - 93

Pre Plan - 4

ReInspection - 56

Special Hazard - 11

• Total Inspections - 1291 (1197 completed in 2018)

Fire Inspection Program

Plan Reviews

In addition to the inspec- tions performed by fire- fighters/inspectors, the Fire Marshal reviews new or revised building plans for fire safety issues, then inspects these new occu- pancies and new construc- tion projects for compli- ance. 2019 - 93 Plan Reviews (46 com- pleted in 2018) 47 New Construction In- spections 11 New Addition or Re- model Inspections

One of the most important functions the department performs for our community is providing fire inspections and plan review of commercial properties, industrial facilities, apartment buildings, medical facilities, schools and churches. There are approximately 1,959 properties identified, up from 1,792 properties identified in 2017. Within the Williston Fire Response Area the plan is to inspect each facility annually. Our inspectors continue to evaluate the buildings for any unsafe conditions and then work with the owner or occupant to develop measures to correct any adverse conditions. We continue the responsibility to improve the quality of fire safety in the area. Our guidelines concentrate on identifying unsafe conditions or deficiencies in buildings and structures. The codes adopted by the City of Williston are from the 2015 International Fire Code. With care and diligence, we strive to provide a reliable means to reduce the loss of life or property from fire for both the businesses and firefighters benefit. The businesses benefit by having safer buildings; the firefighters benefit by getting to know the buildings in the event of an emergency or fires.

Fire Investigations

All fires within the City of Williston are investigated to determine their cause and origin. This information is used locally in order to focus our prevention efforts. This origin and cause information is entered into a national database called NFIRS. This tracking can lead to product recall for faulty equipment or national prevention trends.

Any fires deemed to be suspicious or possibly intentionally set (incendiary) are investigated jointly with the City of Williston Police Department.

In 2019, the Fire Prevention Division has investigated 29 incidents, while in 2018, the Fire Prevention Division investigated 28 incidents.

19 Incidents closed, 10 Incidents open, 1 referred to Police.


Total Hours - 261.5 hours

Station Tours - 27.5 hours

Car Seat Safety - 21 hours

Fire Prevention Week - 81 hours

Community Events - 90 hours

Public Education 2019 in Review

Summer Lunch Program - 3 hours

School Visits (other than FPW) - 7.5 hours

Public education activities are important for building relationships between first responders and the community, as well as letting the community know what services are available. The more people our department engages with, the better we are able to find out the needs of our community, and are able to pass along educational and helpful information. In 2019, the paid and volunteer staff spent over 261 hours preparing for and participating in events to strengthen public relations and provide citizens with access to department staff and educational information.

Fire Prevention Week

The NFPA identifies a different area of focus in fire prevention each year that should be addressed within the community. This year, our Fire Department staff went to 7 different elementary schools teaching the theme, “ Not Every Hero Wears a Cape - Plan and Practice Your Escape ”. Over 3000 children from city public and private schools received this message as well as fire prevention history, and smoke alarm care. Chil- dren also participated in a poster contest where they completed fire safety themed drawings. Additionally, the week included free fire extinguisher training, preschool visits, a radio station message to the community, a smoke room which allowed partici- pants to experience navigating through a smoke - filled space, a parade, and tours of the fire stations.

Car Seat Saftey

In 2019, staff from the Williston Fire Department participated with other local departments in 6 scheduled car seat safety events for the community, providing hands - on fitting assistance for participants. Additionally, any individual requesting car seat fitting throughout the year received one - on - one assistance by certified on - shift Fire Department staff.

Community Events

Each year, we work hard to let community members know we are available to them for more than just emergency situations. In 2019, Fire Department staff attended multiple community events including Kids Day Out, Trail of Treats, Chokecherry Festival, and National Night Out. Each of these had 1000s of people in attendance, giving people an opportunity to have conversation, and ask questions about equipment and the department. In total, the department spent 90 hours on events in the community.

Station Tours

Inviting people from the community to see our fire/ EMS stations builds positive relationships, provides the opportunity for 1 on 1 education, and lets the community see the value of their tax investment. With 4 beautiful fire stations, anyone from the community is able to safely view the insides of apparatus watch firefighters slide down the pole at Station 1, don bunker gear, and walk through the stations to view where staff sleep and eat. Station tours give citizens a better understanding of what our staff do on a daily basis, and the time and dedication these professions require. Staff spent over 19 hours providing tours to small and large groups, unscheduled visitors, and even our youngest of junior firefighters with their families.

Station Tours - 27.5 hours


“ Keep the Wreath Green ” was a new program initiated in 2018. It encourages citizens to think about fire safety throughout the holiday season, and “ challenges ” them to keep holiday wreath lights from changing to a red color. Wreaths are hung outside each fire station, and serve as a visual reminder to those who drive by the stations. Information about the program was dispersed through the department website and on social media to make citizens aware of the program. This year, 9 fire incidents took place which caused holiday lights on the wreaths to be changed from green to red.

Williston Fire Department

Goals & Objectives for 2020


Increase certified Hazardous Materials Technicians


Increase Technical Rescue Training

Increase EMS training along with streamlining recertification process for employees

Increase Airport Rescue Firefighting Capabilities

Continue working with NDFA on Proboard course development and delivery.

In the coming year we will continue to increase the number of advanced life support providers by as- sisting in the training of several department members during their paramedic education. The EMS Di- vision will work in conjunction with the Training Division to increase EMS training and mass casualty

preparedness efforts. This year we will also be working with our medical director to re- new and improve our medical protocols to remain current with national standards




Continue to locate existing buildings and businesses within the Williston Fire response area and update the fire

inspection database accordingly. We also are always in the process of locating buildings where the business owners have

changed hands. Contact information will be collected, and courtesy walk - throughs will be completed for those as well.

Every identified business will have had an annual inspection completed by 12/31/2020. These inspections help ensure

the upkeep of fire protection systems, as well as maintaining a safer environment for occupants, as well as for emergency

responders during an incident.

Ensure each member of the Inspections Division receives some type of inspection or investigation training quarterly.

Provide educational articles to the community at least quarterly - relating these articles to recent accidents or local

incidents if possible.

Continue to work toward building an effective and consistent Bulk Storage Program

Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


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