LONG SPAN SHELVING Long Span Shelving (LSS) is a product used for storing light and medium heavy goods, ranging from 150 kg to 600 kg. Ideal for products longer than 1300 mm and load per level greater than 200 kg. Thus the product fits in the intermediate category between the Universal Storage System (USS) and Pallet Storage System (PSS). Euro Pallets (1000 x 800 mm) can be stored under the bottom level when the span is 2300 mm.

Long span shelving can be used to store virtually anything, like

Crates Boxes Rolls Files Packets Corrugated boxes Paint cans The list can go on almost endlessly, for products between the range of applicable size and weight

A versatile shelving for storing long and odd sized components

Max load/level (kg)

Frame height (mm)

Shelving depth (mm)

Beam span (mm)

2000, 2500, 3000

600, 800, 1000

1800, 2500, 2700

500 & 600

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