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LESSONS LEARNED WHAT WE ACCOMPLISH WITH A LITTLE EFFORT This summer just flew by, didn’t it? Now we’re marching into fall and the school year. My kids are older now, so back-to-school season isn’t the mad rush it once was. Still, I find myself thinking about school and the lessons we learn in life during this time of year. To be honest, I didn’t fully see the value of education until I went back to school as an adult. going to college and planned on getting a job after graduating high school, I didn’t see the point in trying hard. No one made me do anything. So, while I didn’t do poorly in school, I certainly didn’t do well. It wasn’t until I got injured while working at Amtrak and decided to go to an electrician trade school that I learned the value of applying myself. As soon as I started applying myself, everything became so easy. At 26 years old, I realized I could do anything. It wasn’t that I was a dummy before then, it’s just that no one ever taught me what I could accomplish In my younger years, I really coasted by in school. Since I knew I wasn’t

with a little effort. I finished electrician school at the top of my class, and that felt really good. Though I decided not to become an electrician, the lessons I learned about how to apply myself set me down a valuable path. When I enrolled in community college, I got straight A’s every semester. In high school, I would have never imagined such a thing was possible. I hadn’t suddenly become a genius; I was just willing to work hard. When I made the jump to physical therapy school, I applied to just one school: Temple University. At the time, Temple’s physical therapy department was one of the best in the country. Thanks to the good grades I’d earned in undergrad, I was accepted. Getting into Temple changed the course of my life. It’s where I learned how to be a physical therapist and where I met my wife! When Mary Ann and I were attending Temple, most of our dates involved studying. Applying yourself doesn’t magically make

everything easier, but it does help you get through the hard parts. When the going got tough, I didn’t give up like I had in the past. Instead, I had the confidence to know what I was capable of.

I wish someone told me how to apply myself when I was in high

school! Education is how you better yourself. If I had known how important education was earlier in life, who knows where I would be today? That said, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I love what I do. Being a physical therapist has brought me great joy, and I’m proud to be there when my patients need me. I started physical therapy school when I was 29. My diploma was signed Aug. 24, 1990, the day I turned 33. If you’re willing to put in the work and apply yourself, then it’s never too late to change your life.

1 -Jim Brennan


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