20160330 BVD Protocol FINAL

Veterinary Herd Investigation Protocol following positive test results for BVD virus

AIM This document is designed to provide a structured framework for the conduct of a herd investigation following the birth of a PI calf, with emphasis on... ....IDENTIFYING THE SOURCE OF THE VIRUS, REMOVING ALL PI ANIMALS AND REVIEWING HERD BIOSECURITY It is assumed that the additional testing permitted/required by the BVD Regulations (2014) has been carried out (i.e. confirmatory re-testing of the calf to exclude transient infection and testing of the dam of positive calves) and that you have been granted permission by the herdowner to access their information on the ICBF database 1 IDENTIFY THE SOURCE OF THE VIRUS A series of tools have been developed on the ICBF database to assist with herd investigations. These are available through the BVD Practice Dashboard (Figure 1; BVD Queries/BVD Dashboard). In addition, the Dashboard provides a live listing of the status of all herds to which you have been granted access. USE THE “Select Year” function to choose to view data for either a single year or for all years.

Figure 1. BVD Practice Dashboard

1 To obtain herd owner permission download the “Authorization Form” available on the ICBF database under BVD QUERIES/AUTHORIZATION FORM and return to the address provided. Alternatively, the herdowner can log onto the database and grant this access directly.

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