Gibson Law Group - September 2018

Has a client ever asked you for something you didn’t have the resources to provide? Have you ever had a request to do something that’s against company protocol? Do clients want you to bend over backward on a task that isn’t worth the ROI? On these occasions, you are perfectly justified in saying no. But clients rarely like being turned down, so it’s important to learn to say no without losing a paying customer. Offer Alternatives Maybe a client has asked for something you don’t traditionally offer. Unless this is a rare opportunity to branch out and begin offering a new service to all clients, it doesn’t make sense to run yourself ragged fulfilling a niche request. Avoid the fear of letting your client down by referring them to another place where they can get what they need. This way, you get to say no while still being the person who helps the client get what they want. Ask for Clarification If you have changed anything in your company, be it the software interface on your website or your pricing structure, you may have frustrated clients who demand things go back to the way they were before. Since that’s not an option, try to determine exactly what they are upset about. By asking a client why they prefer

The first steamy cup of coffee on a brisk day, the smell of cinnamon, and the crispy crunch of leaves under your boots fuel enthusiasm for fall. It is a time for shedding the old in preparation for renewal and regeneration. Growing up in Houston, I remember a blanket of pine needles across every surface and with it, a sea of pine cones. Fall may be known as the time to lay dormant, to wrap a scarf around your neck and drag through your daily routine in anticipation of the time when you finally get to snuggle under your fuzzy blanket and binge-watch Game of Thrones. But, like the pine trees, it is important to plant seeds of success for the spring. It can be easy to get comfortable in your own world and indulge in this dormancy. Just think, if the pine tree waited to start shedding pine cones in spring, it would be too late, and the new sapling wouldn’t be strong enough to survive through the sweltering heat of a Texas summer. The beauty of life is that it is ever-changing. One small event is sometimes all it takes to turn your world upside down. Seeds of success sometimes end up as seeds of failure, but each time a seed is planted, you learn more about the conditions it requires to thrive. WHEN YOU CAN’T SAY Y E S PLANTING THE SEEDS OF SUCCESS 3 Ways to Say No Without Losing a Customer Don’t Lay Dormant This Fall

Planting the seed means taking the small steps that are going to lead to massive change in the long run. Furthermore, you are always making choices about what kinds of seeds you plant each day. It could be learning one new skill, breaking a bad habit, or even putting that spare change in the bottom of your washer in your dream jar. Identify one small, realistic task you can do and write it down. Ensure the task is one you could do immediately if you wanted to. Plant that seed. Do it again the next day and the next day. Continue to nourish and water those seeds by maintaining consistency. It might seem too small to notice, but before you know it, you will have a life full of saplings that will grow to be deeply rooted, powerful trees and from them, more seeds will come.

–Bethani Long



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