HOTEPMAG - March Issue

SEDRICK KEELER INTERVIEW We sit down with the profound radio host to discuss leadership, manhood and excellence in the community. 04 LIVING THE “FEZ” LIFE Todays’ time is of the essence in terms of living a certain lifestyle - to live the contrary is the live the fez life. HOTEP A P L A C E F O R P O S I T I V E B L A C K P E O P L E T O C O N N E C T M A G A Z I N E 09 15 THE POWER OF THE THIRD EYE On the path to self knowledge we have come into understanding of the third eye, lets revisit its’ mystery.

PREPAREDNESS: ARE YOU READY? Most people spend their entire life searching for a means to gain, retain and maintain - things; but there is so much more to life.




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