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We are living in strange times. A virus has

crossed international borders and created a health care crisis unlike any the modern world has seen in decades. While some people choose to point fingers of blame, it seems more folks want to help their communities. With schools canceled, businesses closed, and the nation stuck on pause, people are finding their neighborhoods anew. Recently, we have met more of our neighbors than ever before. Around our area, more people are out walking, running, biking, and staying outside. It seems that a very high percentage of people are maintaining social distance and wearing protective equipment, where necessary. We’ve also seen innovation happening at an incredible pace. Tests that used to take days will now take minutes. Restaurants are preparing meals for overworked health care providers. Education has moved to the virtual classroom. We continue to grow and expand our lives. COVID-19 will be behind us soon. What will you have improved during this time? Hopefully, our sense of working together will maintain itself.

SURVIVING SUMMER CAMP A Comprehensive Guide for Kids and Parents


Summer camp is a rite of passage for many kids. Besides offering carefree memories, new experiences, and lifelong friends, summer camps are great for a child’s development. According to the American Camp Association, summer camps boost a child’s leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities. In addition, many kids discover new talents or skills that lead to college and career choices. However, summer camps, especially sleepaway camps, can be a source of anxiety for both kids and parents. So, before you send your little ones off on their next great adventure — even if it’s just to a friend’s house for the night — consult this brief guide to surviving summer camp and adventures away from home, regardless of what time of the year it is.

If you’re already dreading the first midnight phone call from a panicked camp counselor who can’t get your child to stop sobbing, now is the time to prepare. Get your child ready for their first few nights away from home by gradually sending them out on their own. Set up an overnight stay at their grandparents’ house or with their favorite neighbor down the block. Then, get them excited about camp! Talk up all the fun things they will do, like hiking, canoeing, sitting around campfires, and making new friends. Finally, send them to camp with little mementos of home. Their favorite stuffed animal, a family photo, or even some home- cooked snacks can go a long way in helping them survive a week (or more!) away from

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