Advanced Physical Therapy - May 2020

MAY 2020



Although we can’t access all the equipment at our clinic during a video appointment, we can make modifications and use what a person has in their house to help them get stronger and more mobile. If the stairs in a patient’s home have been difficult for them, I can ask them to show me what that looks like, and we can work through it together. If they’ve been having trouble getting out of a chair, we can work on that right during the appointment. It’s created an additional functional element to what we do in physical therapy that I didn’t expect. What I’m taking away from all this is that even when the situation isn’t perfect, you can still make the most of it. As an optimist, I can’t help but look for the positive aspects that may come out of even the crummiest situation. Maybe you can’t get to the gym or access the PT equipment you’d normally use, but you can still do workouts at home. Whatever your starting point, there’s a good chance you can find a corresponding workout video. We’re also posting videos and resources to Facebook to help you stay on top of your fitness at home. I know the concept of overcoming obstacles is one that our patients are intimately familiar with. When you come to PT, I know you'd rather be out enjoying your favorite activity, playing with your grandchildren, or planting

Hi there! I hope this finds you healthy and well. I know this is a tough time that’s caused shifts in our daily routines. It’s forced all of us to make changes in our lives that aren’t easy. At our clinics, what would have been a yearslong undertaking of getting telehealth up and running, we rolled out in a matter of weeks. From there, it was a learning process for our team and for our patients. I had my first telehealth appointment with a patient at the end of March, and leading up to it, I did trial runs and tested my approach out on family and friends. It provided a good reason to get on a video call with my mom and introduce her to Zoom, and she kindly went through the exercises with me to ensure I was explaining them in an approachable way. Now, I’m feeling more confident about telehealth being a viable option for people, and not just during a health crisis. For someone who has difficulty getting to our clinic or who can’t come to an early morning appointment because of their kid’s school schedule, telehealth may allow them to access the benefits of physical therapy right in their home. I’ve also been able to tackle different challenges with patients. In some cases, I’ve gotten right to the core function that’s causing them issues.

your garden. But pain or injury has caused a change in your life. When you make the choice to get better, you are acknowledging that you can get better. This month, I encourage you to find ways to move and stay active. And if something is standing in the way of that, don’t wait until all this is over to get it checked out. We’re available for video appointments and can address your specific pain to help you feel better. By addressing it now, you’ll be ready to get out and enjoy life once things do start to return to normal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about telehealth or scheduling appointments. We want to make this as easy for and accessible to you as possible, and we’re here for you. –Kevin Smith

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