FleetPride 2019 National Parts Catalog




• Outstanding crack resistance at extreme temperatures • Problem-solver designed for the toughest applications • Lowest cost per mile

PN K050336HD K060415HD K060425HD K060435HD K060470HD K060490HD K060500HD K060516HD K060523HD K060525HD K060539HD K060568HD K060575HD K060598HD K060605HD K060635HD K060637HD K060658HD K060685HD K060795HD K080385HD K080505HD K080550HD K080560HD K080565HD K080570HD K080575HD K080580HD K080585HD K080605HD K080623HD K080630HD K080645HD

PN K080670HD K080675HD K080680HD K080683HD K080690HD K080694HD K080700HD K080702HD K080708HD K080710HD K080716HD K080720HD K080726HD K080730HD K080733HD K080740HD K080745HD K080760HD K080774HD K080780HD K080794HD K080797HD K080806HD K080810HD K080813HD K080816HD K080825HD K080830HD K080839HD K080855HD K080872HD K080926HD K080931HD

PN K080934HD K080939HD K080944HD K080952HD K080991HD K081000HD K081005HD K081020HD K081023HD K081035HD K081055HD K081065HD K081088HD K100465HD K100502HD K100540HD K100554HD K100579HD K100582HD K100607HD K100643HD K100655HD K100731HD K120640HD K120645HD K120842HD K120858HD K120864HD K120866HD K120870HD K120872HD K120911HD K121039HD

The New Gates Belt Wear Gauge provides a simple and reliable way to determine if a serpentine belt has lost enough material to negatively affect performance and warrant replacement.*

*Order the Gates Belt Wear Gauge at www.gatesbeltwear.com


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