FleetPride 2019 National Parts Catalog







Winches are intended to be permanently mounted to a trailer in a fixed position.

These winches can be removed or moved around as needed. They have two set screws on them which hold the winch in place. The set screws should be hand tightened only! They only serve to keep the winch from moving until the winch strap is tensioned. Tension is what locks the winch in place.


A storable winch has an extra-deep bottom mount winch that you can store a full 30’of webbing on. The standard winches can only store 20’ of webbing.



A combination winch can hold either webbing, wire rope, or cable.

Low Profile

Low profile winches are usually side mount winches and can store up to 10’ of webbing.

These winches are usually notched and slide on either steel or aluminum winch track,allowing for more flexibility. Strap tension locks them in place. A notched slider winch can also be welded-on.

Slider Winch

Under Mount

This winch is mounted on the underside of the trailer side rail.

A 3-bar winch has a three bar mandrel, which allows more space to insert the strap. This provides advantages in colder climates where ice and snow build up on the winch,and would otherwise close the slit on standard mandrels.

Three Bar

Has a cap on each end of the mandrel, with the winch bar holes slightly offset from one cap to the other. This benefits when there is a low clearance situation and there is not much room to work a winch bar up and down.

Double Cap

These winches have flanges on the mandrel to accommodate either 2”, 3”, or 4” webbing. Also called a storable disc winch. The advantage of a spool winch is that the strap lays down in a straight roll, which reduces wear.

Spool Winch

When tightening or loosening winches, never release the winch bar until you are sure the pawl has fully engaged the sprocket teeth. The winch must be installed where the pawl can be easily seen.



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