FleetPride 2019 National Parts Catalog




STRAP REQUIREMENTS All straps are required to display a sewn-in tag with the determined strap rating. Most tags post the strap’s Working Load Limit (WLL) in pounds. The WLL is determined by the industry standard as required by the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance), whereas the WLL rating is a maximum of 1/3 of the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). In order to make strap rating universal and simple, the CVSA designed the following tagging system:

• 4” Strap: 15,000 lb MBS; 5,000 lbWLLTag • 3” Strap: 15,000 lb MBS; 5,000 lbWLLTag • 2” Strap: 10,000 lb MBS; 3,333 lbWLLTag

Web tie down assemblies must be identified with a visible marking or label within 18” from one end of the strap. The minimum information required on a strap label is the manufacturer or trademark of the final assembler, country of origin, and the Working Load Limit in pounds and kilograms. Synthetic web tie downs should not be repaired or spliced for reuse at any time.




By far the most popular end fitting in the industry. The flat hook attaches to the side rail of a flatbed trailer. Available for 2”, 3” and 4” straps. These consist of a delta ring with an 18” length of chain with hook. Typically used to tie down bulky, unwieldy equipment on a lowboy or flatbed. The equipment will have an eyebolt or ring attached to it just for that purpose. Can also be used to anchor into stake pockets. These are also called Delta Rings or V-Rings. They are used when you have a hook or a peg welded into a piece of equipment or the trailer. Used in situations similar to a D-ring, where you have a peg or a hook welded onto a piece of equipment, or on the trailer.

Flat Hooks

Chain Anchors


Twisted Loop

Wire Hooks

Used where there is a D-ring slot, or hole in the equipment or trailer that you can fasten it to.

Flat Snap

Often used where the fitting connects to a D-ring. Popular end fitting for car hauling.

Twisted Snaps

Used in similar applications as the flat snap hook, except the 90° twist makes it easier to connect.


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