FleetPride 2019 National Parts Catalog

COMPLETE FONTAINE ® FIFTH WHEEL ASSEMBLY Get a complete No-Slack ® fifth wheel assembly for the price of a top plate

SL7LWB675024 Part Number shown

Each complete assembly includes top-plate, air slide bracket and slide rail. Easily bolts to existing outboard angles for a quick, easy conversion. Part Number Travel Standard-duty NT Series stamped steel top plate SLNTLWO675012 6.75 12 SLNTLWO675024 6.75 24 SLNTLWO775012 7.75 12 SLNTLWO775024 7.75 24 Moderate-duty 7000 Series cast steel top plate SL7LWB675024 6.75 24 SL7LWB725024 7.25 24 Heavy-duty H7 Series cast steel top plate SLH7AWB875024 8.75 24 We make it EASY at the Fontaine Conversion Center: www.fifthwheel.com/convert Height



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