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Let Me Tell You A Ghost Story A Spooky Walk Down Memory Lane for National Paranormal Day MAY 2020 GIBSONLAWGROUP.COM (817) 769-4044 DIVING DOWN WITH GLG

protractor came floating down from upstairs and landed right on my lap. I’m not going to lie, it freaked me out a bit! There was no way the protractor had gotten off of the ruler on its own, and even the strongest blast from the AC couldn’t have launched it into the air like that. Still, I blew the whole thing off. (If you’re thinking that I’d be the first guy to die in a horror movie, yeah, you’re right.) A few weeks later, it happened again. My wife and I came downstairs one morning and we were about to grab the newspaper off the front steps. Well, we found the paper already sitting on the kitchen table . The door was locked, and the kitchen was dead silent. We stared at each other. “Did you get the paper?” I asked. “No, did you?” she replied. I shook my head. In retrospect, we should have packed our bags right then. At this point, my wife and I both worked at the same restaurant in San Antonio. A few weeks after the newspaper incident, we were both working, and she got off first and headed home. My shift ended about 10 minutes later, and I followed her. When I got back to the apartment, I could hear the shower running upstairs. Figuring my wife was just getting cleaned up, I settled in the living room to do some homework and watch TV. After a while, the shower switched off, and I didn’t think anything of it — at least, not until my wife came walking through the front door. I swear, I felt my stomach drop right through my shoes. My brain scrambled to put two and two together and came up with, Who is in my house!? I stammered out an explanation, and

If you’ve ever met me in person, or even if you’ve just gotten to know me over these last few newsletters, then you know that I’m a straight-shooting, no-nonsense kind of guy. I’m the last person you’d think would believe in ghosts, or magic, or Bigfoot — and I don’t believe in any of those things. But get a few beers in me, and I can definitely tell you a ghost story or two. A few days ago, a friend reminded me that National Paranormal Day is coming up on May 3, so I thought, “If there’s ever going to be a time to tell ghost stories in my newsletter, this is it.” I’m going all-in this month, so buckle up: It’s time for a spooky walk down memory lane. For this story, we’re throwing it way back to my college days in San Antonio, when I was married to my first wife. We had a little apartment in an area of the city infamous for hosting satanic cults (no joke). Let’s just say that people didn’t let their pets out on Halloween there. Of course, being the no- nonsense guy that I am, I brushed all of that off as superstition. But then weird things started happening. Let me set the scene: We had a loft apartment, so my office in the open loft overlooked our living room, with my desk more or less directly above the couch. On my desk was an old beer pitcher. It was packed with all of my college stuff, including a bunch of pencils and highlighters, a ruler, and a protractor. I kept the protractor looped over the ruler, so there was no way it was going anywhere.

we both ran for the stairs. When we got to the bathroom, I threw the door open to see … nothing. Everything looked normal. Then I ripped back the shower curtain, and saw that the tub was completely soaked. Someone had just used our shower, and it hadn’t been either of us. We were really freaked out after that, so when our doberman started staring into empty corners and growling with his hackles up, that clinched it. It was time to move out! Honestly, looking back, I can’t explain what was going on in that apartment. Was it a poltergeist? Did one of us sleepwalk to get the newspaper? Did the world’s most hygienic cat burglar pay us a visit? I’ll never know. But at least I have a great story to tell! If you’re curious about my other ghost story, just ask next time we meet for an appointment — I’d love to hear what you think.

–David Gibson

Well, one day I was home alone, sitting on the couch watching TV with the dogs, when that


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