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December 2018

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I’ve been in my practice for 25 years and have been the head of 901Attorneys for the past three. Becoming an attorney was as easy a choice as starting my firm— both decisions were natural paths for me to follow. While there have been struggles throughout the years, what I’ve learned has helped me become the person I am today. I dabbled in entrepreneurship when I was much younger. Hoping to fill my pockets with spending money during elementary school, I started delivering newspapers and mowing lawns. I remember my friends and I would create signs in a rudimentary attempt to advertise our “Green Thumb Lawn Services.”We had a small network of kids with push mowers that we could contact in case we had a job that was too big for us to handle. I also used to be a paper boy for the Memphis Press-Scimitar and would get paid 15 cents for each delivery. However, each paper cost me 10 cents. Up until I entered high school, it was through mowing and deliveries that I earned money on my own. I consider this to be the start of my aspiration to become an entrepreneur. In those years, I was my own boss and worked hard to earn the money I wanted as a kid, and the more I learned, the more I grew. Think of it this way: With the paper deliveries, I could save up enough money to buy a better bike or even From Mowing Lawns to Running a Law Firm

to start my own firm. Through that drive and all my experiences, I started 901Attorneys in January of 2016. With our three-year anniversary next month, I find that I’m reflecting more on my childhood work experiences and how they have had an impact on my life’s trajectory. Even as young as I was at that time, I knew how rewarding it would be to be my own boss — both for myself and the people who wanted my service. Starting my own firm has been very fulfilling professionally. The clients who come through my doors seeking my help know that they can rely on me to give them the outcomes they deserve. I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned and the individuals who have helped me throughout my journey. Without either, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

a Honda Express 50cc scooter, and through my small mowing business, I could save up enough for a better mower. From there, I could provide better results for the people who hired me. From my work experience as a kid, I learned that I wanted to start my own business. However, I still had a long way to go before I could accomplish that goal. When I got out of college, I ended up working in a law firm in the ‘80s as a runner. It was my job to file and deliver important paperwork for my firm. By working so closely with these attorneys in and out of the courtroom, I was inspired to pursue a career in law. I worked for many attorneys in different sizes of firms from various fields. With each year, I learned and grew as an attorney, and after a while, it became apparent to me that I wanted

“From my work experience as a kid, I learned that I wanted to start my own business. However, I still had a long way to go before I could accomplish that goal.”

-David McLaughlin

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