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1 unit First impressions

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Listening and discussion: First impressions in presentations Students discuss some of the techniques for making effective and even inspirational presentations, and listen to an expert in this area, Anneliese Guérin- LeTendre, who works with Communicaid, a culture and communication-skills consultancy. They also work on vocabulary related to presentations. Reading and language: It’s not what you know Students discuss the importance of networking in different professions, and read an article about it. They then look at the use of adverbs. Business skills: Networking Students discuss tips for communicating with people they don’t know or don’t know very well. They listen to some delegates meeting for the first time and networking at a conference, and then introduce themselves to another participant at an international conference. Writing: formal and informal register Students complete a formal e-mail invitation and write a reply, accepting the invitation. Case study: Movers and shakers Logistaid, a non-governmental organisation, is trying to raise its profile by holding a charity dinner. Students work on organising the event and on follow- up activities promoted at the dinner to support the organisation’s work in developing countries.

Practice File Word power (pages 4 – 5 ) Resource bank: Listening (page 189 ) i-Glossary (DVD-ROM)

Lesson 1 Each lesson is about 60–75 minutes. This time does not include administration and time spent going through homework in any lessons.

Lesson 2

Text bank (pages 118 – 121 )

Practice File Text and grammar (pages 6 – 7 ) ML Grammar and Usage Resource bank: Speaking (page 177 ) Practice File Skills and pronunciation (pages 8 – 9 )

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 Each case study is about 1 1 / 2

Case study commentary (DVD-ROM) Resource bank: Writing (page 204 )

to 2 hours.

For a fast route through the unit, focusing mainly on speaking skills, just use the underlined sections. For one-to-one situations, most parts of the unit lend themselves, with minimal adaptation, to use with individual students. Where this is not the case, alternative procedures are given.


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