City Lights September

DeSoto City Lights September, 2016 The Proposed FY2017 City of DeSoto Municipal Budget Calls for a Decrease in the Property Tax Rate  “Since my appointment to the posiƟon of City Manager in 2011, my AdministraƟon  has been working Ɵrelessly and with due diligence to improve the monetary situaƟon  of our community,” said Tarron Richardson, PhD.  “I am pleased to propose a tax rate  reducƟon for FY2017 to .7449 per $100 of valuaƟon.”  A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department For the last five (5) years, City AdministraƟon has meƟculously toiled to reduce  property tax rates for both residents and business owners.  AŌer four (4) years of  maintaining a stabilized property tax rate of .7574, the City was able to reduce it  by .0075 in FY2016.  The proposed FY2017 budget will conƟnue in this direcƟon by  reducing property taxes for a second year in a row.  In FY2017, the proposed property  tax rate will be reduced by .0050 and set at .7449. 

The property tax rate of .7449 will provide funding for debt service, personnel, benefits, public services,  supplies, equipment and capital projects.  These previously menƟoned line items were either drasƟcally reduced  or completely removed from budgets prior to FY2012.  In FY2012, the City’s ExecuƟve Leadership Team began  working in collaboraƟon with each other to annually increase funding for these defined essenƟals and  collecƟvely agreed that it would take a few fiscal years to accomplish.  On April 7, 2016, the DeSoto City Council and AdministraƟon began preparing a preliminary budget plan that  included the following defined goals and objecƟves for FY2017:   Salary increases in the amount of 1%   StabilizaƟon Fund   PosiƟons  (workforce‐to‐populaƟon raƟo)   Same public service levels as FY2016 

 DomesƟc Violence Awareness and PrevenƟon Grant   Vinyl Fencing along Southside of Pleasant Run Road   Dr. EmmeƩ J. Conrad Leadership Program (Internships)   Christmas CelebraƟon Parade   Annual Holiday Fireworks   CiƟzens Emergency Response Team (CERT) Grant   

“As we move forward into FY2017 and beyond, the City of DeSoto will conƟnue to implement a wealth of  innovaƟve pracƟces in public finance to beƩer manage its human and monetary resources” said Dr. Richardson.   “The success achieved over the years is aƩributed to our conservaƟve approach toward budgeƟng and  management of all public affairs.”     

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