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StaffSpotlight TESS DUSIK, RMT, BSc: ExSci Tess Dusik is a registered massage therapist (RMT) with a goal oriented passion for returning injured athletes to play. Hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, badminton…you name it and Tess has played it which makes her experience a key component in her treatments. Tess understands what an athlete’s body goes through on a regular basis and can incorporate proper techniques that would be suitable for an effective massage therapy treatment. Some of her favourite techniques include soft tissue release, myofascial techniques such as instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and cupping. Tess enjoys educating her clientele during their treatments to better understand their body.

Prior to becoming an RMT, the WCHA Scholar Athlete graduated from Bemidji State University in 2014 where she played all four years for the Beavers as a Division 1 hockey player. This is where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, with a minor in ice hockey coaching. Following her university career, Tess played

overseas in Sweden before returning home to Winnipeg to continue her studies. She is a graduate from Robertson College’s Massage Therapy program where she received the Award of Academic Excellence for her class. Tess is also a member of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba.


“Don’t Let Sciatica & Back Pain Influence An Inactive Lifestyle.” STAND UP TO SCIATICA Do you experience radiating pain in the buttock, leg, or even your foot? If so, you may be experiencing sciatica. Sciatica is a common form of back and leg pain that is often misunderstood by sufferers. People frequently have questions about what sciatica is, why it occurs and how to find relief from

the intense pain it can cause from the low back down to the feet. If you are suffering from sciatica, it is important to find its root cause. Many people often think an x-ray or expensive MRI is first needed to figure out what is causing pain. Having a lot of tests doesn’t mean you will find its root cause. Recent studies show that nearly 1 million of MRIs done for sciatica fail to find a treatable cause. With a new imaging technique called magnetic resonance neurography, 69% of the patients were found to have a trapped sciatic nerve deep in the buttock by a muscle called piriformis. It is known that in about 25% of the general population, the sciatic nerve pierces through the piriformis muscle and can be susceptible to abnormal pressure and irritation. Why Does Sciatica Occur? If there are changes in posture, muscle strength or pelvic alignment, the nerve can be compressed which leads to the quite common low back and sciatic nerve pains. Thesciaticnerve is the longestand largestnerve inyourbody. Iteven reaches down to the footand therefore,canbe irritatedanywherealong itspath.With sciatica, theconsequentachecanbe feltanywhere from thebaseof thespine, the buttocks or the back of the thigh and legs. Even tingling sensations in the toes can be attributed at times to the impingement of the sciatic nerve.

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“New Way To Diagnose Sciatica May Point To A Different Cause.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 02 Feb. 2005.Web.

In Celebration We Are Offering FREE Screens June 20th 10 am - 8 pm! NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness Inc. OUR GREATEST PROMOTION EVER

We want to thank our current and past patients and their friends and family. We are providing a day of FREE SCREENS! The free exam consists of a 30 min one-on-one appointment with an athletic therapist. They will listen to you about your complaints and how it impacts you. They will take measurements to test how well you are moving and test your strength. After your exam, they

WHO’S ELIGIBLE? • All past clients who have not been seen in therapy in more than 2 months. • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated. • All loved ones, family, or friends of our past and present patients. Appointments are free but limited; Only 20 Spots Available. CALL TODAY! (204) 783-9578 Don’t Delay Register For Your FREE Screen Today!

will give you a written copy of: • The cause of your problem • A plan for what successful treatment looks like

These exams are ideal for people suffering with pain from:

• Low back • Neck • Arthritis • Sciatica

• Hip • Shoulder • Elbow • Hand/Wrist

• Knee • Foot/Ankle

If you are having pain or problems with day to day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down stairs, getting in or out of the car, sleeping or driving then you should schedule your exam now.

NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness Inc. loves keeping our patients updated on NRG News!

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Massage therapy has a wide range of benefits for everyone from athletes to the everyday working class person suffering from pain. Massage is beneficial as a form of therapeutic treatment of muscular dysfunctions, relief of chronic pain, or simply as a relaxation and stress relieving method to increase overall physical and emotional well-being. Treatment can help to resolve imbalance that can appear in themusclesduringyoureveryday life.A fewways tocreate imbalances is by sitting for prolonged periods of time, or repetitive daily movements (such as carpenter, cashier, and receptionist). Therapists have a great knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the body to help give you the best care plan and treatment specifically orientated to your condition. Here is a list of a few conditions that can benefit directly from massage therapy: • Anxiety and depression • Carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome • Muscle tension and spasms • Headaches • Chronic pain • Sports injuries MASSAGE THERAPY

“I’vebeengoingtoNRGfor3yearsnowdoingstrengthandconditioning and I’ve consistently been getting better and better. NRG has helped me get to the next level every year and I have nothing but good things to say about NRG!” -Cody G. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! 204.783.9578

Exercises to help reduce back pain Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

SINGLE KNEE TO CHEST STRETCH Lie on your back and bring one knee to your chest, keeping the other foot flat on the floor. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor. Hold for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times with each leg. Loosens Low Back

• Tendinitis • Whiplash • Strains and sprains • Dislocations • Adhesive Capsulitis • Decreased range of motion in a joint • Arthritis

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