Biola Broadcaster - 1954-03

MARCH, 1954

VOL. 2, NO. 3

1954 BIOLA LETTER MONTH BEGINS In response to hundreds of demands mode by listeners to the Bible Institute Hour, a special 36-poge booklet hos been prepared, which you see pictured, containing many

of the favorite selected gems, illustrations, sentence sermons, and poems heard over recent broadcasts. This handy volume contains mpny pictures of those who ore regularly featured over the air, and also other "be– hind the scenes" photos. During Morch, which is 1954 BIOLA Letter Month, a copy of the book will be sent out free of charge to all who write in and request it. It is hoped that during the 3 1 days of the month, every listener will write to the Bible Institute Hour, Los

Angeles 17, California. Members of the radio family ore urged to send in their favorite hymns, Bible questions, or comments on the broadcast, when they write for the "Nuggets of Gold". THE HANDY ADDRESSED ENVELOPE ENCLOSED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE.

Enclosed with this cd1t1on of the BIOLA BROAlJCASTER 1\ o special h.:ttcr from Dr lou1<:. T Talbot, which covers a h w of his many fascinating oct1v1t1c5 1n th(.' Far [o'>t Attcr you rt od the spccrnl correspondence, pass 1t along to a friend, and be listening for late-minute reports directly from the field

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