“But I can say with absolute sincerity, John’s vision is one where everything is on the table.”

If you’ve ever driven through Thunder Bay, Ontario, taken the James Street Bridge and followed the old City Road to Mission Bay, you know that auto sports are a cultural event in Canada’s Gateway to the West. Amanda Ingberg, one of the sales representatives I spoke with at iCar on Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay’s thriving commercial district, told me it’s a bigger part to the community than most people know. “Over in Mission Bay, it’s ice racing in the winter and autocross in the summer – but that’s not all. Between the Jeep clubs, the hunters, the fishers, and the off-roaders there’s a steady flow of auto sports enthusiasts coming onto our lot for anything from pre-owned vehicles to aftermarket parts to custom work,” she explained. “And that’s just one part of the market here. Our General Manager John Murphy had a vision for unequalled transparency in a business that sells pre-owned vehicles and the people in this community and the whole Thunder Bay District have come to embrace his vision.”



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