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And their 1 year old daughter Lucy! Few things are more fun than a child’s first birthday party. Jack and Dana Houk just got to experience their child’s first party as their daughter Lucy celebrated her first birthday on July 14th. Jack is currently working as a physical therapy assistant at Axcess while Dana is involved in specialty training for treating patients that have neurological and balance disorders and orthopedic conditions. They have both done incredibly well working in the field of physical therapy. Jack and Dana actually met while both were working at Axcess. They started dating and got married on April 15th 2015. Their beautiful daughter Lucy was born a little over a year later in July. Lucy loves The Little People, Trolls, and watching her favorite TV show, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also loves to snack on apple rice rusks. A child’s first birthday party is always extra special, and Lucy’s big day was no exception. Lucy had an amazing time at her party, although she wasn’t too crazy about the cake smash. The cake smash, however, was as adorable as it was messy. A fantastic time at the party was enjoyed by all from start to finish. Whether it was opening presents, playing games, or enjoying delicious cake Lucy definitely had an incredible time celebrating her first birthday party. Friends and family are looking forward to many more fun birthday parties for Lucy in the years to come. Meet Jack and Dana

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