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logical as it is worthless, and cannot be too sternly put down."—Dean Burgon. 5. " The advocates of the strictest theory of inspiration, in insisting that it is verbal, do not mean in any way that the thoughts, were inspired by means of the words, but simply that the Divine su- perintendence, which we call inspiration, extended to the verbal expression of the thoughts of the sacred writers, as well as to the thoughts themselves, and that hence the Bible considered as a record, an utter- ance in words of a Divine revelation, is the Word of God to us. Hence, in all the affirmations of Scripture of every kind, there is no more error in the words of the original autographs than in the thoughts they were chosen to express.''—Dr. A. A. Hodge. We have wireless messages but no word- less messages. Men can neither speak nor think except in words. When men tell you that the theory of verbal inspiration is exploded they mean to tell you that you can not depend on what the Bible says, that is on its words, that it is convicted of contradictions and errors, in other words lies. There is no lie like that since Satan said it in Eden (Gen. 3:4). Thoughts without "words is a contradiction, and the lie is therefore in them who deny it, de- ceiving themselves. If they would practice their theory of thoughts without words they would do no harm. If the words are God's the thoughts are God's; if the thoughts are God's the words are God's, for thoughts and words are, and must be, one indivisible and inseparable. God has spoken in words in the Scriptures or He has not spoken at all. Let no man deceive you, keep your com- mon sense and the common faith.—J. H. S. "Christ the Blessed One gives to all, Wonderful words of life; Sinner, list to the loving call, , . Wonderful words of life; All so freely given, Wooing us to heaven. Wonderful words, beautiful words, Wonderful words of life."

, ESTIMONY of the SON OF GOD, the Word of God to the Word of God, " I have given them the words that Thou gavest Me ." "The words that I have spoken unto you they are spirit and

they are life.'' Testimony of the great Apostle Paul, " We speak not in the words which uian's wisdom teacheth, but whieli, the Holy Ghost teacheth," " Not the words of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God." Testimony of a great church. The Gen- eral Assembly of the Presbyterian church, constituted of hundreds of. learned, edu- cated, intelligent and godly men, has re- peatedly passed in substance this resolu- tion: "Resolved, that the English Bible as we now have it, when freed from the errors of translators, transcribers, and printers, is the Word of God." Testimony of great theologians and scholars: 1. " T h e line can never ration- ally be drawn between the thoughts and words of Scripture, jj . That we have an inspired Bible, and a verbally inspired one, we have the witness of God Himself.'' —A. A. Hodge. 2. " The theory of a Divine revelation, in which you would have the inspiration of the thoughts, without the inspiration of the language, is so inevitably irrational that it cannot be sincere, and proves false even to those who propose it."—Prof. Gaussen. 3. " The slightest consideration will show that the words are as essential to in- tellectual processes as they are to mutual intercourse. . . . Thoughts are wedded to words as necessarily as soul to body. Without it the mysteries unveiled before the eyes of the seer would be confused shadows; with it they are made clear les- sons for human life."—Canon Wescott. 4. "You cannot dissect inspiration into substance and form. As for the thoughts being inspired apart from the words, you might as well talk of a tune without notes, or a sum without figures. No such theory of inspiration is intelligible. I t is as il-

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