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save, even to the uttermost, all that eome unto God through Him." (6) " The Early Narratives of Genesis." By Professor James Orr, D. D., United Free Church College, Glasgow, Scotland. An elucidation of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. (7) " The Person and Work of Jesus Christ." By Bishop John L. Nuelsen, D. D., Omaha, Neb. "Ev e ry Old Testament problem becomes in course of time a New Testament question. Every Biblical ques- tion places us after a while face to face with Him who is the center of the whole Bible, with Jesus Christ. In the present discussion over the person and Gospel of Jesus Christ, I shall confine myself to pointing out briefly some of the most in- We see many women on Sunday carry- ing two books strapped or cased together, Mrs. Eddy's "Science and Health," etc., and the Holy Bible. Two Unequally more incongruous companions Yoked Up. could hardly be imagined. It is expressly forbidden to yoke an ass and an ox together. These books are the antipodes of each other. One de- nies material reality, sin, sickness, pain, death; the other affirms them. One claims divinity for man, the other declares that God created man, and is Himself the sole, unique; independent One. The Bible is the fountain of all wisdom; the Eddyite bible is the dregs of all folly philosoph- ically and scientifically. To see those books bound up in one bundle is at once the astonishment and indignation of all right minded and revereni people. Viewing the Lord Jesus as the muckraker of His day,' and alluding to His scourging the merchants from the temple, a maga- zine writer in a current is- Blind Man's sue writes: "Jesus lost His Blasphemy, temper. He forgot His the- ory. Brought face to face with business men and righteous people, He threw charity to the winds, and picked up the big stick. He used force . . . . In brief, Jesus sinned (!). He sinned against His own teachings. They were amiable sins, but sins. . . . Jesus had no use for Ceasar, for ' government.' ' ' The man who could write such words is blind, mentally blind, spiritually blind, M o t e s b y

teresting and important features of the subject." Such is the opening paragraph. (8) " T he Hope of the Church." By Eev. John McNicol, B. A., B. D., Bible Training School of Toronto, Canada. An exposition of the doctrine of the Chris- tian's hope as related to the Second Com- ing of our Lord. What a feast of fat things for the laver of Truth. What will it mean when more than a million people read this little vol- ume? The remaining numbers of the series will consist of four, or six, volumes and will probably be issued during 1912. All of the volumes can be obtained from our Book Department.

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biblically blind.

He totally misappre hends the nature of Jesus, His mission to Israel, His purpose, teachings or meth- ods. Our Lord was no muck-

Biblically Blind.

raker, no reformer. He was the King of Israel, the Lord of the house they defiled, the Law giver, and Vindicator, whose whole life was a continued calm restraint of the "remainder of wrath," but in two instances, at he beginning and at the end, He gave a warning in a foretaste of the "Wr a th of the Lamb," the Judge of all the earth. Mr. Steffans' blasphemous utterances are the logical outcome of modern errors as to the Person and purpose of Christ. And Christians undertaking Whitewash- to whitewash the world get ing the into mighty bad company. World. Neither law nor love can make this black world white. Some would use one, some the other, some both. Christ had " u se for government." He taught loyalty to Ceasar, and obedience to authority (Mat. 22:21; 23:23). Gov- ernment, law is to rule the world; Gospel, grace is to save it. Law is to be made for society and executed and these are func- tions of government. The gospel is for penitent sinners to regenerate, not to re- form them. Christ has ordained both, each in its proper sphere, and enduring through the age. Then He "will speak" unto these blasphemers " i n his wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure" (Psa. 2:5), and drive them from His presence. He

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